Tehkummah Talk and Times

Freedom’s Call

The fields and skies are filled with geese.

Their haunting call just doesn’t cease.

They pull my heart across the sky and deep emotions make my cry.

I feel the call within

my soul

and with them somehow I am whole.

Today the clouds above them soar.

While I down here try to ignore the pull, the wonder lust of youth to join them as they are headed south.

I know it seems a silly thing, to fly along and

with them sing.

Their song of freedom as they go.

These wiser ones who know the snow will soon appear and them the white will change our

patterns overnight.

Give me wings,

and set me free.

Pat Hall September, 28 2015

I got pretty close to being double skunked tonight, the kind that lingers! Thank goodness, the car lights showed my front step enough, but it was a close call! I had showed Mum one earlier, after our cribbage game at the hall. When we had a few more games, eight isn’t enough I guess!

When I got back from Mindemoya, there was a note on the table, Kim and Kathy had come for Elaine’s wake and were going back the same day ferry. I had taken Joan (cousin) up to emergency (bad headache) left my faccacia bread rising, but had to top it up, and finish it, at the hall, later as I set up for cribbage, (due to time delay) we had six tables, fabulous food break (as always) Mum’s famous banana split cake too. By the way, Joan’s OK.

K and K called in at the hall on their way home. Great to have Eugene back again. We had two 24 hands. Marg Audrie, first place; Betty and Noreen, 942; second, Cal and I, 933; third, Jean and Mary, 928; low, Hugh and Lyla, 840; door, Audrie and Noreen.

After the funeral service, when they took Elaine on “Silver Wings,” I think everyone in the church had a meltdown. The song and Dwight’s voice was perfect, if there is a perfect to a funeral, if you know what I mean! It was such a surprise and yet it shouldn’t have been. Duncan said they just thought if it as the day before.

It is nice that oncoming traffic stops to show respect for the procession- Tara and Donna (Phillips) and I went with Sherry. On our way back to the hall we took a side trip down memory lane and into our historic (Leeson) past, when we went down Squirrel town Road, Donna knows so much family stuff. For UCW prepared the luncheon at the Tehkummah hall where families, relatives, friends got to touch base and socialize.

The young folk sent me a beautiful floral arrangement after for a keep sake. I’m writing this, it’s almost five am, Friday morning! I’m wide awake. Next thing the phone rang, it’s Sherry calling to say good bye for her, trying to get to the Dominican Republic. Thinking of you Murray!

A show at the hall this weekend- cribbage 1:30 Wednesday.

As Cal said- lucky he had it in passing gear- I said careful- as the one deer hardly made it, but number two pretty well had his belly on the ground. Watch for them folks! Drive carefully!!

Well Mum beat me good, or bad as however you look at it, three straights. I barely won the fourth. So I went home earlier, I went to South Bay Mouth to wave the ferry away. Then had breakfast at Pierside! Lotsa traffic ways. Saturday evening’s trip to camp shows much colour change to the maples and I scattered some flower seeds there and around Cal’s. He whomped me a couple games. Today I beat Mum three of four. The air is positively balmy tonight and the moon gorgeous and full. Beautiful skyline. Where are the bugs in the car lights, where are the bugs- no fireflies this year either?? Helen is home this AM she called- Thank goodness for our girls right! She’s trying to get mended.

Corrine came home this week, and she’s Mum’s neighbour again. Mum took her some supper the night she came. They talk about God moments- when your heart and soul is so touched by beauty majesty and awe. The wild geese affect me that way. I always get so emotional when I see/ hear them. More so the huge flocks of spring and fall, and I know they are moving on. All the flight migrations are miraculous in their own right. The hummingbirds, I think, are gone this week too. I didn’t see one on Saturday at all. Two monarch butterflies hatched at Tara’s this week.

I had a wonderful visit with Diane (McLean) this week. We sat in the sun and of course I stayed for lunch. I still have a lump jaw from my bee sting.

Tillie popped in for a word on Friday evening she says she and Tom have horses up on Flackertys farm. I think she kind of likes them and horse racing.

Well the call of the wild goose grabbed me. So I flew my usual way, on car tires. I looked for wild geese, saw hawks and Sandhills, ended up at C and E for breakfast- and a great breakfast it was! Checking the time I figured I’d just wait for church. So got wind blown (warm tho) along the water (harbour) and watched/ listened to the waves, and watched the “travel in Good Spirits” to go go by me for the second time this week!!! Sandra and ?? sat at the other end of table. He had been goose hunting unsuccessfully this am. Back there again, Mum and Corrine, Pauline and Wayne. I just caffed this time. Jacquie (Gordon) says to mention her name. She was there with a handsome gentleman! On my way home I stopped at the Buckhorn Motel- and met “Shirley”. They are from Burlington, have a good garden. I got a couple of back tomatoes and some kale. Pays to introduce yourself right? He said he hears Jemeal is doing well.

Audrie gave me a note to copy, readers of my column Bill and Angela Forbes of Blizzard Creek called in at the Williamsons on their way home. It was a quick try to close their place on Lake Manitou. Speaking of Manitou- an unusual splelling on a licence plate! Do you do that? I’m always reading them and T shirts!!

I’m assuming the deer that we barely missed is now in deer heaven, as Smiley told me folks were stranded at their motel due to a run in and an injured van.

Earl is putting siding, re- insulating too I guess, on the backside of the restaurant.

I had a nice visit with Marion (Case) this afternoon. She just lost her brother Dick (Clifton) Freeman a couple of weeks ago though he had been lost to Alzheimer’s for a while now. Sympathy to the family.

Hey a milestone congratulations to Mary and Barry O’Neil on their fifteenth anniversary.

Cole was saying he saw the biggest wolf on the Slash Road.

Just got home from cards at Cal’s with Florence and Gib, I hate to admit it, but the girls didn’t do quite as well as we usually do. In other words——- and what do they do with canola??