Tehkummah Talk and Times

I didn’t have to bother digging my beets, the deer had them already laying on top of the ground. No healthy beet tops left for me though.

I stopped and had a cup of tea with Cal on my way home from camp garden. Ray had a buck hanging up from the morning’s hunt. Sherry was trying to get the fire going. She got chilled despite the nice day and sunshine.

The camp story finds Wayne in the hospital after his exciting deer encounter. He, Pauline and Mum had Doctor appointments in the afternoon.

I guess they kept him in to check him out, maybe no more hunting this year. Christine, Anita and her two girls came over from Sudbury area to check on Dad and Grandpa on Tuesday, and in the afternoon their brother Steve joined them at the hall for the November/ December birthday party. Kim joined the Islanders, Gord, Peter and Lyle, on stage and sang some of his compositions too for his granny Jean and Audrie Williamson, in celebration of their 99th birthdays. Ladies of style and grace and gentility. Aren’t we lucky to have them? There was a nice crowd for the party. (Did I say Mum sang a couple of songs too.) A good lunch and a beautiful cake, and of course the Happy Birthday song! Celebrants: Margaret 7th, Audrie 15th, Jean 25th, Cal 1st, Vivian 7th, Corrine 27th, and me. Three missing from the birthday lineup. As a continuance from our outing in Mindemoya on Saturday, Mum won a beautiful basketful of Christmas stuff (from the Tea draw). This was all thanks to Sis Susan, who took us and she put Mum’s name in. She got me a cute pair of earrings, did I say thanks? Baked pie shells and an apple pie this AM. It’s been a long morning still only 10:30 and today is cribbage afternoon too.

The roaring wind this AM sounds/acts like spring, but I’m sure it is just trying to throw me off.

I just threw a hissy fit here, all by myself. Well, I guess the cats and the Lord above know how infuriating it is to try to open even plastic stuff without hammers, knives, scissors and accommodating tools! But then, you have to find those too? The aging population, I’m sure, must be as annoyed as I am by all that dad ratted packaging, you need an entrance degree!

Cribbage today, five tables again and lots of great desserts for break time. Thank you! High hand, Cal and Jean (Mum) shared with a 20; first place, Cal and Jim, 957; second, Gib and Florence, 931; third, Mary and Jean, 930, lots in the 900s today; low, Dorothy and Eugene, 840, door, Lois and Audrie.

Congratulations to the newest Great Northern Oprey inductee.

Sympathy to the Laidley family in the loss of Al. He was our gas truck driver for years and wasn’t that years ago.

Ten tables for euchre tournament on Thursday evening. Reuben and Jeneen our KP tied first Sharleen and.st/second. Dorothy and Ken and Janice and Sharleen, 82 points. Third/fourth tied with 78 points. Brad and Bill and Bert and Joy, Janice 7 lone hands. Simon and Marg found a skunk. Low was Gib and Florence 48. I think Bill won the door prize.

Camp broke up on Friday, with the treat of heavy snowfall. Seemed funny to hear snowplows. The guys all headed home again. I guess the camp wound up with three deer. Sherry got a couple and John got one.

We went in to the Funeral service for Coral Collins at the Anglican church in Manitowaning Friday morning. The first real taste of winter. I stayed and visited until after the good luncheon served up by the ladies there. There was a wonderful tribute to Coral’s life and photographs for viewing. After I shopped a bit I went to visit Helen (Oswald). She was happy with lots of visitors that day.

Pickled or brined radishes? Loads of gorgeous jewellery mostly with their own creators. Beside them creative crafts, knitting. Lots of stuff. I took in the Christmas doins down at the Pentecostal Community Church on Saturday. Had a great visit with Mary Pheasant. It seems her whole family is involved in the work on her table of crafty art. Beautiful people, beautiful show.

Lots of Christmas spirit and good food too. I let Mum beat me at cards again. Boy, the birds are sure cleaning up on the food. Cold and the snow I guess.

This weekend is Christmas in Tehkummah on Saturday. Starts at 10 am, lunch is available. Lots of vendors. Library also has a book sale, plus, going on that day too.

On the 5th of December a music afternoon at the Tehkummah hall too, and pancake breakfast with Santa December 6.

We have days and we have good days. Cleaning snow from the vehicle started our winter here this Sunday morning. Church at South Baymouth today. The dedication of the Hymn and music books (for Tehkummah and St Andrews) in loving memory of Elaine McGauley. (Donation from Marian Gilmore). Also dedicated today, in memory of John and Lillian Greenway, a newly decorated Advent wreath and unscented candles by Patti and her Mum, Loretta Mucha.

A lovely full church, some amazing music and songs. The kind that lifts the rafter. A huge gathering after at C and E’s. Pauline, Wayne, Joan, Borden, Susan, Simon, Justin, Quillan (Super Q), Lynda, Martin, Anita and Jack and Mum who had Happy Birthday sung to her again today, and a card from all singers (at church). Mum and I also got our lunch free. Lynda and Martin for Mum, Jack and Anita for me. It pays? To forget the purse! (me)?? Thanks

What a delicious Chinese buffet at the “Roosterant” Sunday evening. We celebrated Mum’s birthday there. A cake too, and the Happy Birthday song once again. Pauline, Wayne, Susan, Simon, Sherry and Dave. After we went to Susan and Simon’s  and played a couple of games of Tiki. What a lot of laughs we have together. (There were lots of folks to say hello to also enjoying the Chinese buffet)

I was talking to Joan this morning (23rd). She said she stood in for me at the Healing Service at Knox United Church (Manitowaning) on Sunday evening. She said the service was beautifully done. I would have loved to go, but we can’t be everywhere!

Rob and Anna were Mum’s next door neighbours this week. They were here for hunting. Don’t know if they had any success. Anna popped through Mum’s door one day with the most delicious asparagus quiche! Yummy! It took the pain from my cribbage defeat!! Bad.

Two weeks ago. A very cougarish snarling in my back yard on Monday night had my cats all fuzzed and ready to run (inside) I turned on the back light. (7pm) of course, if it was there, it didn’t wait to meet me. The deer have been coming in and cleaning up the sunflower seeds I put out for the birds, I called my neighbours on both sides of me (just in case). With no dog in our yard anymore we may be taken advantage of! Tuesday AM. What a beautiful skyline. Balmy temps and now fog, as the day awakes. We sure have lots of birds in the back yard. Many Cardinals too.