Tehkummah Talk and Times

How do your potatoes grow? I hear that some aren’t coming up so good. I got it on good authority that you must plant a male and a female seed in each hole to get a good return. It, I’m sure, takes a little longer to sort them out, but well worth it!

You don’t just get to listen to good music at the birthday parties, you learn stuff too. The last Triangle birthday party until September. Today they sang happy birthday to the month of May, June, July and August (many folks). A carrot cake and ice cream, lots of good snacks. Linda did the cake. I think a few good helpers with the rest. Very good! Jackie brought the news that Denis Quackenbush had passed away in the Sault. A local Tehkummah boy raised here. Lots of family in the area. Sympathy to you all.

Back to today’s music. Joining Gordie, Harold and Peter was Roland, another good entertainer from Providence Bay. Thanks guys, as always, we so do appreciate you and your generosity.

What was the “big boom” Wednesday afternoon?

Hey Laurene, your Japonica tree is pretty!

Glad to have Ruth back for the summer. Cribbage, 5.5 tables. Thanks for the good lunch sharing everyone: two high hands of 21 today, Yogi and BJ; high score, Betty and Shirley, 951; second, Patrysha and Laura, 938; third, Bill and Betty Jean, 924; low, Rick and Yogi, 843; door prizes, Bill McGr., Brad and Gib.

Sympathy to Dorothy Allard and Rita and families in the loss of Maudie Marie Caradonna (sisters).

Lilacs and swallow tail butterflies! The lilacs are sensational this year and happy to see some butterflies too! Soaring and sipping and monarchs. I have to go on a search for the hummingbird moths, should be around the sweet rocket now, maybe a few bumblebees.

The Island’s famous emblem the hawberry is heavy also this year with bloom and putting on a show in spots.

Hey, Helen Oswald, happy belated birthday. Simon’s birthday on the 19th; my niece Penny too, celebrated on the 17th; grandsons Kirby, 22nd. Jeneen gave me some lovely note cards to add to my selection for sending. I send them for our Sr. U.C.W. group. Note cards are great, as certain kinds are depleted quite rapidly at times.

Sandfield euchre, three and three-quarter tables: Shelley got the $10 with the last three nines of the evening; Laurene, high ladies’, 79; Dave J, men’s high 84; Rick and Rick, six lone hands, tied; door prize, Bill Case. Dorothy and I went with Betty Jean.

The people are going to have to learn to add. I keep a tab on the cribbage scores and darned if somebody didn’t do us out of our low score chocolate bars! I really didn’t think anyone could be much lower and they weren’t!

Euchre tournament, 20th, 10 tables: (Fill in your own blanks this week!) low hands?; high, Eva and Donna; second?; third?; fourth, shared; low?; door prize ?; 50/50. Shirley, Ronda, Dave? Good lunch, thanks.

Not so long ago I met a young “FLASH” Morton, the newest family member of Susan and Kemp. Glad to see these folks back at their summer place. Their near neighbours had a concern this past week when a missing person had folk helping in the search. Glad to hear of the positive results.

Saturday, Kim stops in, he drove up this morning from Meaford. Our visits have been rare this last year but he, I think, is finally moved in (not counting phone visits). I tried to eat my breakfast outside this morning. But the dang little buzzers and the sneaky ones wouldn’t give me any peace. I can’t ever recall them being this thick and mean!

For planting information contact Jim Bryant!

Watch that moon!

Downtown Mindemoya, a big doe, I slowed, a car passed me, I thought there might be a fawn, the flies are bad, poor thing.

Good lord, I can’t believe that we have already turned another season! Half a soggy, snowy, damp, cool, unusual, well you know what I mean! Some fields planted and up, some still too soggy, some hay down and rolled up already? And Mary was excited to have frogs in her new pond, singing. Their nighttime serenade is relaxing. Nature has its own harmony, you can’t beat it!

I got up to go to do laundry this morning, feel a bit unsteady, so changed plans.

The celebration last evening at the Hall, of Larry Karn’s upcoming induction to the Great Northern Opry. They played to a packed hall. As always great harmony by Double Barrel and the surprise, I think, was that Larry’s four sisters sang to his honour, nice. The second half of the show was the Down Yonder Band. I went home singing. Someone won a nice 50/50 draw (it wasn’t me).

Well, I did make Mindemoya/half loading. Ball field looked mighty busy. Saw Norma and Robert, x-ray, feet, over danced? We all made it back in time for church. June McDougall and Marilyn Wohlberg on the music, great.

Reg and Noreen told me of Ruth Leeson’s passing, friend through the years. We also heard yesterday of Marvin McKenzie too. Sympathy to the families.

The first time I ever had skates on, age 12, Marvin took me in hand to teach me to glide or was it to stand up? The old “Tehkummah frog pond.” My first encounter with ice that wasn’t a frozen puddle. Actually, I was forgetting winter 1948 at South Baymouth and a whole lake worth!

Once again, I am treated royally. Thanks Jane! Perfect! Kim treated me to lunch at Pierside. I did this time try the fish wraps, too, delicious!

Tara and Ray have the yard all mowed and lots of garden in today.

Friday, Manitowaning euchre afternoon, 6.5 tables (I went with Dorothy Cronk), Norma was my partner. She won the surprise draw of the day. I think Dorothy and Brad got third and two couples tied for first.

I had a lovely talk with my cousin Donna this morning. We don’t often chat on the phone, but I see her here and there about, usually with a friend. She was telling me about a large group of ladies from St. Peters United Church in Sudbury who were at the Garden Shed restaurant this week for lunch. Some local folks too had joined them.

Hey, this Friday Tehkummah Market starts once again for the season, weekly.