Tehkummah Talk and Times – July 4, 2018

A drive on the other road, the other way, took me on a circle tour going in past Wind Fall Lake Road. Near White Lake a turkey (wild) stood on the road. No young ones with her though. The wild geese families seem small this year? I’ve seen so many dead partridges on the roads lately; hopefully not the Mama kind.

When I came home this morning the house “stunk” so I thought I’ll bet it’s that little chipmunk, but no, a mouse in a trap in the bathroom. Looked like it was in the family way too!

One evening on my way to staycation, I stopped in at Judy and Bob’s for a little visit. I also stopped at Lyle Dewar’s place, met the cat that sleeps in the Mandolin chair. Had a tour around. They have a good garden. Sharon, I was so impressed with your artistic abilities, so imaginative.

I was proud of myself. Though tempted, I didn’t take a single stone, and boy, there are some beauties to be seen there, being a stone collector from waaay back.

Brenda, my newest Tehkummah neighbour, was just in to inquire as to where I’ve seen the foxes now. I guess they’ve been in their yard and are part of the entertainment.

The sun setting in the East? Well, I thought it was. I was awake pretty well all night and thought it was time to go down to Sherry’s. I thought I had slept all day. All of a sudden, I realized it didn’t look quite right. My world was back to front.

This Tuesday morning a school bus arrives and some of Skylar’s classmates were getting a lesson on growing mushrooms. I even followed along for the first time. I usually see it in stages. Today’s guests: Cody Ewbank, Caleb Tasse, Kurtis Pepper, Connor Mandigo, teacher Andrew Jones, EA Lexia Ferguson, bus driver Lynn May. June 21, 2018.

I think almost everyone was on holidays as we only had four tables for cribbage. An all time, in a long time, low. Doris and Florence shared high hand, 24; Cal and Pat (me), high, 955; Glenna and Doris, second, 952; Gib and Florence, third, 916; Graham and Sheila, low, 854; door, Brad and Graham.

Pat Norton had some skill testing questions on Canada Day netting Glenna and Rick (G) a prize.

Bid euchre, Thursday evening: Janet Kaechtal, high, 264; second, Dave Nelder, 204; third, Norma Thomas, 195 (first time player, did well); low, Annette, 66; premium donated prizes $10 won by Dave Nelder and Barb Forth who kindly shared with me. I worked the door and forgot to give myself a ticket. (Oh, I did pay for one!!)

Ghost ship, there it is, seemed strange just seeing the upper part of it through the fog, then it disappears? Rescue, search and rescue, someone jumped off a boat and is in trouble, a practice rescue? The stories were flying around the Museum grounds at South Baymouth while we were awaiting the parade to start.

Cathy and Dan Fiedhaus; she reads my column all off season in Ohio. Thanks

Lots of folks I know, see occasionally, nice to re-connect. Had a nice chat with Heli Cotnam in the Old School House and with Dorothy outside. She drove me yesterday to Manitowaning and we won second prize at Knox Hall Euchre, 73 points. She won the door prize too and we know who got low, as we were sitting with them when they got their prizes, Shirley and Barb.

Had one of the good burgers the SBCDA cooks up and an ice cream cone after their always great parade. Raymond led it this year, as always, with his flag or two, but this year a motorcycle with a side car as transportation. Real flowers handed out on the Save the Bees Float (thanks).

“Parade” Canada Woman went in flying by giving out notices for their Lumberjack Days event. Ahead of her, in the parade, was a whole float of Super Heroes.

They always have the greatest parade for a small place in South Baymouth.

I just came home from South Baymouth from a pretty spectacular display, especially the finale of the fireworks. It would be interesting to know how many people watched it. It took long enough for the cars to clear out. I waited quite a while. Then I still couldn’t see to drive home with those “blue rabbit lights” on high reflecting from the rear-view mirrors into my eyes.

You have heard the expression a blue streak? Well, Skylar and I watched it on Sunday evening. I don’t know if she saw colour, but I saw pink, blue, purple almost like a prism. It flew past my house and directly down past the garden. Skyler said it stopped at the trees but I would expect it continued on through the trees. I think maybe about five feet high. Skylar was sitting on the ground and it was over her head. Gave me a funny feeling, Tara thought it might be Granny Jean calling in to Canada.

Did you know there are Canada Day Flag Fairies, and a little elf who was almost caught planting flags around my front yard! Thank you so much. It looks good!

Our Sunday service heartened back to the memories of the difficulties of our fore fathers/mothers coming to this new land. Carving out a home, building a farm, creating out of the land your house, your food, your soap, your basics, your very existence, your survival, your genuine, “OH CANADA!!” Eh! I was listening on the radio to what some Canadians celebrate and, I guess, thoughts on what made Canada so special. The kindness of Canadians came up a lot in their stories. Isn’t that so special!

Joan, Bordie and I shared table space at Carol’s and Earl’s after church. A very special dedication to Pat and Milfred McCulligh. Their daughter Linda’s brother-in-law created this gorgeous plaque “Praying Hands” from wood. In light and dark colour, just beautiful. Linda, Lisa, Norm, Dave and Barb. Joan and Borden representing the family, and of course, many friends also of St. Andrew by the Sea United Church.

Folks over on the town line next to Joan and Bob Beard got photos of bears in their yard too. Unusual number of sightings in our Tehkummah Township this year?

This week folks have been celebrating increments of time. Bordie said it was his and Joan’s “five year” anniversary of their first date. Shelly Brown, when I spoke with her Thursday morning, it was two years since her Mum’s death that day. Jerry said it had been a number of years since they opened the JD’s Garden Centre. It had been two years since the last Pyette reunion, celebrated this weekend at the Tehkummah Hall once again. The family always has a wonderful gettogether. Being a very musical bunch, there would have been lots of great singing and entertainment. I stopped in to say hello on Sunday morning. I didn’t stay for the delicious pancake breakfast. They had 90 people register for this special event. Organizied again this year with help of Kevin and Lisa Pattison. A special video was shown, not quite complete yet, of the talented Norris Pyette, stories, poetry, obviously a very emotional walk down memory lane. Special to all who attended.

Dorothy Crank celebrates her birthday with fireworks. Well maybe? Happy Canada Day birthday!