Tehkummah Talk & Times

Wednesday morning, the Tehkummah library holds an open house coffee and visiting time. I am attending on Wednesday, where there were complimentary cookies, muffins and cupcakes too.  Do drop in, 10 to noonish.  I just went from there to the hall to set up for cribbage. We had five and a half tables. It’s always fun and the food is good too, thanks to the folks. Come and join us. 1:30 pm: high hand, Graham, 22; first, Marg Case and Yogi, 958; second, Gib and Florence, 938; third, Marion and Gord, 791; door, Gib, Dorothy C, Margaret Mc. Good to see Florence had recovered from her fall. She had 11 stitches in her forehead.

“You know you are older when archeologists dig up stuff from your past.”

Gosh what a good lunch after euchre tonight; rolls, salad, chicken strips, pickles and desserts. (Didn’t know how to spell goodies!!)

Eight tables for the tournament: lone hands, 6, tied, Simon and Marg C and Betty Jean and I; first, Simon and Marg, 88; second, Betty Jean and Pat (me), 72; third, Pat and John, 71; fourth, a tie, Ken and Dorothy, Glenn and Janet, 69; low, a tie, Hugh and Lyla, Dave and Laurene, 53; door, Brad, returned to club, thank you, Jeanine; Yogi and Tracy K.P.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know when it will be too late!”

Lots of birds: it must be going to storm again.

These old bones are just not co-operating these days (my van is just the same, a no starter.) Nothing but a “sea salt soak” (say that fast) eases the aches, pains, limps, etc., etc., that hang around these joints. Have you read any of Anita Shrive’s books? I read her for the first time this week. ‘Light on Snow,’ Good stuff.

21 deer in the fields Saturday.

Susan brought in some more of Mum’s stuff today, and I’ve been going through it, tears yes, and singing the songs she has written out, reading notes, photos, etc. Susan took me out for lunch too, Green Acres. (It’s the place to be.) We stopped at the Service Ontario station. Got my sticker. Colleen, she’s got a cute black (fussy) young cat just looking for a home. The folks who work so hard fundraising, and trying to help control the cat population in this, area deserve a lot of credit.  Sherry had walked into the camp in the afternoon. Wasn’t that the nicest day!

Fairview Church, Sunday morning based on Jesus’ baptism by John (sermon), nice to have our furnace active again. Thank you, gentlemen.

I went with Martin and Lynda to Carol’s and Earl’s (Carol’s looking great). Borrowed Sherry’s car for church. (My rebellious vehicle.) Ray and Dave put new windows in my kitchen corner (I can see!!) Thanks. We all went to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. Sherry cleaned and replaced my plants and bottles and stones (window corner). Thanks for all the gifts this week. I won’t mention “Pat’s” chocolates because I don’t see any left!! MMM. Good week all. Get well you ailing folk.

Do you ever notice you get the itchiest nose when your hands are full or maybe in dishwater, or someone drives by, waves, tells you later you were snobby, not noticing that your hands were full? (Life.)

Hey Joyce, from Ingersoll, did I ever thank you for my “cat colouring book?” Been working on it again lately. (Sent to me when I was dealing with the cancer.)

Phone calls from Sis Mollie in Winter Peg, and from sister Peg in Guelph. Helen (0) calls, they’re “barred” at Wiky Nursing Home right now (flu bug).

Much gratitude I award to our faithful musicians, who each month give their time and talents for the Triangle Club birthday party (every month, third Tuesday at 1:30 pm) Lyle Dewar, Gordie Greenough and Wayne Smith entertained this time. (Sometimes I sing?) Margaret McCarthy new photo boards (great) and thanks to her for her work at the hall. Edith Clark was the birthday girl of the month.