Tehkummah Talk & Times

South Bay

Today in fog you can’t define,
Of lake and sky there is no line.
Just smoky grey to water’s end,
And heaven knows where sky will blend.
Icy chunks bump and clink
Like small white rafts that will not sink.
With music made by wind and rhyme,
They talk together as they chime.
These vessels aiming for the shore,
To add themselves to many more.
Building sculptures white and blue,
Creations for us all to view.
The wind and waves do their part
To add to Mother Nature’s Art.

Sunday, January 29, 2018
Pat Hall

I fell on the bed with a migraine. I get the flashing halos, not so much the pain, it just settled to my lower back, so I walk like “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Perhaps the pain pill will straighten me out!

Cancelled cribbage today.  We get the stormy days! Catching up on my letter writing. The little chickadees are trying to find a morsel in the cob webs under the edge. I can view from my bed, brave critters!

Heard this morning from Vivian Pennie that Irwin Duxbury had passed away last night. Sympathy to Orpha and all the family. Long-time residents of Tehkummah; actually almost half the village was built by Irwin and his family. Tara came in and had tea and sandwich (egg-salad) with me after she filled my bird feeders. Hopefully the snow covers the ice and sticks so it isn’t so darned treacherous! Nevertheless, be careful all!

Rich! Rich! Rich! I feel like Scrooge McDuck! No, it is not me, but I do have some kind of rich relatives. Derek said it was OK to put it in my column, he sounded pretty excited. He had won a Mercedes Benz on a scratch ticket. (I think that was the car.) Sometimes good things happen!

Saw the snow blower and the snowmachine in the yard tonight.

It was a good day for spaghetti and meatballs. I love them, had them for breakfast too!

Simon has popped in to Sudbury Hospital to visit his friend John, who recently had stints put in. He developed more health issues. Get well soon John.

Sympathy to the Bowerman family in the recent loss of Mark, he was always such a friendly guy. He was such a great help to his Mum for quite a time.

Talking to Judy this evening, Bob had a surgery last Wednesday in Sudbury, but they were back home again. All went well. Take care.

Bid euchre, four tables, one new player: Yogi won a special draw; second, Dave James, 215; high, Simon, 221; third, Hank, 180; low, Janet, 30; door prize, Marg Case.

I forgot to mention in last week’s column, cousin Connie Gourley Adamson passed away. I believe she was 97.

Sympathy goes out this week to the families of Overfields in their loss of uncle John, sister Brenda and Stuart Hemming. To the James family on their recent loss, and to Angela Becks and family on their loss of Ron. My prayers are with you all.

I spent a lot of my Friday with my daughter Sherry as she drove me to see my new cardiologist, Dr. Shuklas in Little Current. What a nice young man! All of my doctors have been nice and young, come to think of it. This young man and his family will be spending quite a lot of their weekends in our area. Found out he will be a near neighbour of Sherry and Dave’s. He loves the Island, but is from Saskatchewan, born and raised. We had a nice chat with the Burts of Billings on wildlife and deer stories. They had an almost B and E when a deer opened their patio door!

Did you know the Island egg man sings to his chickens?

Last Monday, missing Mum, I went and challenged Dorothy Cronk to a game of cribbage. We had five games.

Dave saw a wolf come right up to their house one day this week. It only had a bit of hair on its tail. It had the mange so bad. That will be thinning out the predators again no doubt.

The S.B.C.D.A does some wonderful work each year to keep South Baymouth on the map. I think they have the most wonderful newsletter including the photos and history. (South Bay’s Parade). Thank you for the work you do.

I think the groundhog must have seen his shadow. Does that mean six more weeks of winter or a month and a half ‘til Spring?

Did you sing Blue Moon, even though we never saw it? Hey, kindness week is coming up next. I thought every week was!

Eight o’clock, I’m in my bunk. One cat across my knees, they’ll maybe warm up. I’ll be happy when this cold weather takes a hike.

Just came from my neighbours’ next door; they yelled at me to come for supper. Sherry and Dave were coming out. I said, thanks, just the same. No supper, but I will have a cup of tea. The ice cream (black cherry) came later. Always, family time is great. Pauline and Wayne had just let me off. We had supper at Green Acres, sharing table space with Borden and Joan. We had all been to Irwin Duxbury’s wake, where, as always, it’s so great to touch base with family, but how often is it the sad times that bring us all together. The kids, as I call them, all grew up, together with ours, and I can’t believe where those years have gone. Seems like only yesterday they were all playing hockey on our back yard rink or building snow forts in the yard. It has been a long time since I had seen Debbie, Dale, Dennis and Deeane (who I didn’t see) was about eight I think when he came looking for a job. Orpha will sure be lonely since they were always together. Lots of family photos for viewing.

We left the church after our annual board meeting, a nice few attended that. We also had communion today. Martin was going to stop and have communion with Audrie Williamson on his way home. Hi Audrie!

We have lots of music and songs worked into the sermon. I really like that. We have good singers. Come on out and join us, we alternate between St. Andrews and Fairview, 11:30 am. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you, all who mention reading my column. Appreciated the hug, Marie.