Tehkummah Talk & Times

Dear Em of Barrie. Please, if you do come to the Island be sure to call in. I’m always so touched when I feel that my words have influenced anyone in any way, and I bless you with gratitude. I do have a cup, too, that would keep me from spilling, but it’s been two years in the package new. I never get around to things, really, but such a good idea!

Down at my daughter’s house her dog knocked the water over with his tail (coffee table). I’m doing book and paper rescue, oh well! They called from Jasper Park last evening. They had been to the ice fields on Monday. Their trip will be over far too soon, I’m sure. Talked to Sherry and Derek too, they are camping together. They both sounded so upbeat and happy, wonderful!

This morning I talked to three of the 4 K’s. Kirby is graduating today, 20th, he has been taking a course as an electrician. All he needs is a job, I guess! They all sounded happy as well. Talked to friend Helen Nia on the phone this morning. Her usual cheery self. When the Manitouliners were over there entertaining this past week, Helen was up singing. The Expositor made a boo boo. My friend from Hamilton was Jean, not Jesse. I made a bad boo boo when I put the wrong name in too. Norma (not Nola who is no longer with us) (sisters) I didn’t realize until I read it printed. So sorry, Norma Secord?

Last evening Ray, Tara, Skylar and Susan visited me at my staycation home. Ray and Tara planted potatoes there too. So, if they all grow, just call us Irish!

Today we had six and a half tables for cribbage, and as always, a terrific lunch. Thank you once again, clean-up crew too! High hand, Glenna, 24; first, Laura and Patrysha, 954; second, Rose and Annette, 949; third, Janet and Glenn, 940; low, Keith and Dorothy, 826; door, Glenn, Keith and Rita.

A fat lipstick imprint on my check from the peanut butter lady!

I spent a night pet sitting again. It’s definitely a change of pace, my days seem longer? This is the longest.

I went directly to Garden Shed this morning, where I met Sissy Pat for our breakfast visit. Good breakfast too. Nice setting, good waitress, and friendly folk at Garden Shed.

Well, happy 50th wedding anniversary Shirley and Ed Sagle.

I actually have time to read The Expositor down at Sherry’s house, why is that? Lots of interesting stuff, the George White letter.

The Tuesday birthday party celebrated seniors’ month too, had about 35 (I think) out for the pot luck supper following the afternoon events. As always, great music by the Manitouliners, Lyle, Gordie, Harold, Peter. Joan Beard read some jokes and stories, I did as well, my newest poem and sang.

A good afternoon. Met Anna and Rick, new neighbours of Edith Clark.

Ten and a half tables for the euchre tournament. Some pretty close games and seven couples. Got a toonie for “4” only lone hands; high score, Donna and Eila, 76; second and third tied, Marj and Irene, Dave and Shirley, 70; fourth tied, Hugh and Pat, and Sandie and Anne, 68; low, Florence and Gib, 55. K.P. was Dave and Shirley Nelder; door prize, Graham.

The cardinals been warbling already for quite a while. It’s 5:30 am on my clock, don’t know what time they get up! Wild blue iris, Canada lily (tiger) and wild rose are gilding the roadsides this week, to say nothing of the pink lady slippers. I wish my flower gardens look as good!

Hey, get ready for Canada Day, parade and doings at South Baymouth and Tehkummah. First market of the season starts on the 29th.

Susan Ward had some surgery on her face this week. Get well wishes to all who require some this week.

Mama cat Cleo and baby fox a standoff at 1 am. Makes the hair stand up on Cleo too!

It seems to be all by itself. Its mom maybe got killed or something, can’t help but feel sorry for the little critter.

I sort of came to later in the day and wondered what time the events at Kicking Mule were starting, my next conscious thought was, I’d missed everything. The day included, as I saw the pink sunset sky. I hadn’t set one foot out the door, even to look at flowers!

It’s already almost 11 am Saturday. I’m still not moving much. A bad case of the “lazy lethargics.” Had a very sore throat too, so maybe I’m ailing?

Phone calls from Mollie in Winnipeg, anxiously awaiting Pauline and Wayne, phone call from Pauline who didn’t have Mollie’s full phone number. (Me either.)

I’ve been taking Gail’s honey for my throat.

Well, tonight I see three baby faces. They are going to get hit on the road. I think. They are the cutest things; maybe they do have a Mama. Probably their den is in the stone pile. I didn’t even dress to come down to Sherry’s. I was in nightwear all day, but that was OK for I slept most of it. I wasn’t home too long from the country music show, until I started frothing, rabid? Perhaps! That continued until I last checked the clock. Feeling done in and chilled all of today. The show was terrific. Warming Jeff Pyette up for the Northern Opry Hall of Fame in November! Guests from Timmins and Parry Sound? With the Down Yonder Group missing Doug. There was a presentation to Jeff of Glen McDougal’s ring. Jeff had kind of thrown his away and also has Glen’s guitar (that makes 18 for him.) Beth had previously presented it, now Jeff also belongs to a group call Double Barrel. I have only heard them about three times, this included. I was very impressed with their harmony and style, another way of presenting himself musically. A great variety of music and styles throughout the evening. Great opportunity for photos and a chance to sign the banner that will go to the Northern Opry in the Sault as well.

Loretta phoned me tonight asking that I mention South Baymouth’s Canada Day celebrations. The firefighters’ giant yard sale; the parade; the fish fry; the museum bake sale and silent auction. The fireworks will be the following evening, the first of July at the waterfront.

Gaelan said something broke her bird feeder down, destroyed it too.

This week, bear sighting and two cubs as well in downtown Tehkummah.

Back on summer turf this week I see David Leeson of Lakeshore Road and Bob Runnell of South Baymouth.

Sympathy to Marilyn (Russell/ Morden), a Memorial service for her husband Don at Burpee Mills complex on July 2 at 1:30 pm.