Tehkummah Talk & Times

Just gave Helen a shout (phone wise). She sounded good today. She says Shawn is coming home (her granddaughter) and keeps me up to date. Of course, we always sympathize with each other as we discuss all the stuff we have no control over. If it weren’t for bad news would there be any news at all? Sympathy to the families of Mark Sheppard, Brenda Playter (Triangle club member, Treasures and Watkins lady), Betty Lentir. The tragedies of the week. Thinking of you all and your families Ruta. My niece Haven, (Brian Tumas.)

My Monday started out with a family get-together at the “Kickass Cookhouse” where son Derek and Jodi, grandson Tory, great-grands Desmond and Declan, their mom Amelia and baby Derek (4 months) stayed home in Ottawa, Sis Susan too. After taking in the petting zoo there we all went to Aunt Susan’s and checked out their animals. Skylar introduced the boys to grooming a pony; the brushes were quite large compared to their hands.

I got a letter and pictures from great-niece Leah and they brought me luck at bingo too!

I keep thinking about the things I didn’t put in my last week’s column. The thank you to Norris and Sharon for the poetry. To Candice and Ronnie, this is such a nice family saying hello to Marlene Size. She said it’s been 70 years? Close, anyway. Dawn too, at Keith’s party. I didn’t thank my new friend Em for the maple syrup from their home farm, either! Talking to Susan this morning she didn’t have a very good night “choking in the pot” my kids used to call it! But I did find out that Wayne is home again complete with new heart booster! I didn’t want to move too fast this morning. It’s almost 10 and I’ve been up since six. Did get the bird feeder back out tho! You would almost say, ‘That can’t be The Expositor front page, with such tragic and sad stories.’ Lately news has been hard to take, injuries, sadness and loss.

Are you here, Mum? I as usual in my lazy girl chair, got the strongest whiff of her perfume on Tuesday evening. Then again Wednesday morning in the bedroom, though not as powerful. She was passing through?

Just got a call from folks who want to adjust my computer software (something is obviously not right). They gave me a number to call. They would have had a fix/ adjust the ink in a pen, if I followed through. Right. Scam, Scam! Don’t fall for it!

I’m having a very weird week. A photo flash vision/real has me concerned. Perhaps it’s because my little cat is having health issues right now. We had a visit to the vet this past Tuesday.

Coffee and breaky at Garden Shed where I got to join the birthday breakfast folk Joan, Gus, Sandy, Dick, Doug and “Betty”, the birthday girl (July 25).

I just drove in the yard when Derek drove in too, so we went to visit at Pauline and Wayne’s (the new pacemaker) and Anita, Alicia and Samantha were there, going to head home to Sudbury later today (Thursday). I did come home from Garden Shed via the yard sale.

Just met Lorraine Reardon at the store and daughter Jennifer and half of the twin set!

Ann Kelley, daughter of Captain Long, is a summer resident of South Baymouth and she and two friends Brenda and Bev visited at the Tehkummah Market on Friday. I met Katrien, a lovely lady, a teacher from Belgium who is walking the trails across Ontario. Also, that day, the Berg family on holidays from New Zealand and personality Jacquie Berg. Good to say hi to Grace and Bill.

“Homeward Bound”. If I had seen it before I had forgotten the story. My Saturday night at Budd Pavillion, South Baymouth. I had my supper at Pierside prior. The next two Saturdays, 7:30 pm are Star Wars. Never having been before I think the crowd was good and by gosh the price is right! FREE!

I joined the Coops clan at Carol’s and Earl’s after church today. Our Minister June McDougall. Timothy serenaded or led sing along at church. Very nice! “Mandolin.”

Six and three quarters tables for Bid Euchre on Thursday evening.

I have been intending to mention Rose McIntosh’s 95th birthday party. She said there were 70 folk who helped her celebrate. I did not make this event. Strawberry Social day!

Sympathy to Linda Bowerman and family. The other Linda just told me of Ron’s passing this Monday morning. My prayers are with you.

On Friday night some of the family gathered at Green Acres Restaurant for a good meal and visit. Sherry, Dave, Jodi, Derek, Tory, Desmond, Declan, Ray, Tara, Jacob, Skylar, Lori, Rick and I. Visited at the campsite later. Then tonight we pot lucked it for a delicious meal at the beautiful waterfront. Some swimmers. First checked out some property with high hopes of Halls coming home! Tonight Pauline, Wayne and Susan, I hear my nephew Peter, Leanne and Ava Jean and Leah have arrived on the Island too.

This week’s cribbage scores, 6.5 tables: high hand, Cal, 24; Brad and Dorothy, 946; Ted and Ruth, 943; Dorothy A and Betty Jean, 938; low, Graham and Sheila, 834; door prizes, Dorothy C., Janet K., Donna.

I was Dorothy’s partner Friday afternoon at Manitowaning Euchre. We didn’t win!

A busy Market in the Tehkummah Hall in the morning.