Tehkummah Talk & Times

Some of the Triangle Club girls were busy whipping up sandwiches and squares for the memorial tribute on Monday afternoon for Brenda Playter. For some reason I was having a bad time emotionally that day, thinking of Brenda’s courage and fight. Perhaps their youngest daughter’s words and also Wendy’s (Pastor) words seemed to be just perfectly suitable.

Finally, someone asks about the streak of light that went by us on July first. I thought more folk would be curious or at least say they had had a similar experience!

When I got home I called Joan, I thought I was a day late for her birthday, but it seems I was right on! She had been fielding calls and guests for three days, she says!

Ziggy and Shirley Capp made a surprise stop today. It’s been years! They’re staying on the Island and are from Kitchener way.

“The Painted Penny,” I am assuming, is the name of her shop in North Bay. She’s on the Island for the next two weeks. Earl and Effie Freeman’s daughter Penny will hold the paddle painting workshop at Tehkummah Hall on September 2 register on line at the paintedpennie.com or call 705-492-0840. Everything provided and refreshments. I was not up to company dealing with the flu bug, I guess, sick all night. I couldn’t even hug my great-nieces, Ava Jean and Leah or nephew Peter and Leanne. (They talked to me long distance! Wonder why?)

BJ phoned, no Prov Bay for euchre this time for me. I slept all day, 6 pm.

Cribbage, 7.5 tables, Wednesday: two 24 hands, Bill McGregor and Bert Whalen; first, Bill and Ruth, 952; second, Patrysha and Laura, 948; third, Pat and Cal, 940; low, Hugh and Donna, 835; door, Sheila, Brad and Patrysha. Good lunch, thanks. Thanks dish washers and clean-up crew!

I received a nice letter this week that popped the buttons off my shirt too!

Went to euchre at Sandfield tonight and won ladies’ lone hands with 4. Last week won ladies’ high, 76. Have to leave Tehkummah to win? Can’t remember Dave James, high; Ruth; almost low, Ted, Laurene maybe; ladies’ high was Linda maybe? My golly (actually said worse) that alternate route is a shock breaker! Then I met the dashed boat traffic too.

Thursday morning, I met Pete, Leanne, Ava Jean and Leah at the Garden Shed for breakfast and a visit. They weren’t afraid to be closer to me today.

Tehkummah euchre as many tables as Sandfield had on Wednesday night: ladies’ high, surprise and after just lamenting too, me, 64; lone hands, Sheila, 3; ladies’ low, Brenda, 47; men’s high, (won on a cut), Graham, 61; men’s low, Grant, 59; door, Sheila.

Lots of folk went through the Market on Friday. Found out that day that Doug and Bonnie were getting the footings poured for their new home. Things are moving right along down their way. (The kickass cookhouse) etc!

Martha Estok always was so kind to me. Her daughter Kimberly and Doug are holidaying here. Coop’s Candies were popular. Joan and Bob Beard’s two grand-helpers are very good in the garden I hear! Triplets, Andi, Payton and Ciera, have been on holiday? Beautiful young ladies. A young very polite Ethan Harper I met too. Michelle stays at Black Rock Lodge each summer.

Corrine and her friend Nora are at the apartment for a week and visiting friends. Rita dances to Lori’s music each week. Wilfred Holmes has a broken rib to recuperate from and Sharon Case a bone in her foot. “Careful folks.”

After waving goodbye to ‘’Pete and the youngsters, lots of hugs, Leanne’s parents were up with them too, enjoying the nice weather. They left Saturday mid-day on the Chi-Cheemaun. Simon, Susan and I checked out the new sweet shop, in the harbour after the send-off. (Tina’s Crumbly Cake Shop.) The SBCDC young cooks. They are always good. I visited my way and shopped at the yard sale and bake table. Later did the same at “Wendy’s” large sale. (Fundraising for Guatemala!?) Came home sat under the tree with Marg, (Ray’s Mum) Tara and Skylar.

Later, Skylar introduced me to her friend Taylor. We all took in the Star Wars movie at South Baymouth Pavilion. I can’t say I ever watched one before, but I did recognize Darth Vader. Though I might have nightmares.

A nice girl named Lisa, her Mum has a place at Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park, said Hi to Jackie and Gil at Mum’s. Boy the girls are earning their pay there Sunday morning. One busy spot!

I did the laundromat early shift. Marg Reckahn’s birthday August 5. I’m invited for cake and ice cream later.

Sherry’s getting a big supper and a cake too for Monday night, August 6. This all takes place at Tara’s and Ray’s.

Our sermon on contentment, I just wonder how many know what that is? Any more? Our songs were all lovely old favourites. Our church organist is still missing! “But we sing good!!”

Hello all my friends!