Tehkummah Talk & Times

Euchre at Knox Church Hall on Friday afternoon, the last day of the month, had nine tables. I went in footloose and fancy free, Lyna Holmes took pity on me and was my partner. We did OK, coming in first with 75; Doris and Lynn Mickie, 74; Bill and Irene Montgomery, 72; no low or draw winners available.

When I got home I wandered through the garden eating jelly bean tomatoes, they are so good! Earlier in the day I made banana and zucchini muffins.

Went to the Market, it was busy today, lots of good local produce available these days and local baking, jellies, preserves and crafts. The Islanders were on deck for entertainment. Always great. Anita Devon had her son Sam with her at the Island Fish ‘n Chips and the rest of the family were driving in, about two hours away yet (Sam came by ferry).

I’m loving the cloud formations these fall feeling days. Lots of birds at the feeders, hummingbird feed disappears rapidly.

Carol Lee, thank you, but that wasn’t necessary.

Wendy Girard, I wonder who was that name, it didn’t ring a bell, thanks for the photo of your Mum and me, I? Every year I see Clifford at church. I forgot his name! He has a place on Lakeshore near the Devons.

A long conversation with Derek out in Mackenzie, BC. The lightning and thunder were causing interference, he said it was raining buckets. Jodi’s are back in the oil patch. Her birthday was this past weekend. Derek said the smoke from the fires around was bad. Perhaps the rain would help keep it under control.

Saturday 11:30 a noisy pack roared through downtown Tehkummah; I counted 84. A few of the girls waved at me as I counted. One guy was even wearing horns. I think he was a Viking! Maybe that’s what they mean by a motorcycle gang! What a varied amount of styles and kinds of machines. Looked like fun (it was between showers)! I thought I heard thunder! And the motors rumbled!

September is birthday month for many. The first day is Mary Johnson’s. I took her a couple of roses and a happy birthday wish. Jeanette calls to remind me Calvin Sagle’s 74th is the 3rd or 4th? Reegan has a birthday this week, happy 18th; Kathy Hall, too, is this week. Coming up soon Tory, Doug, Derek, grandson (great). Jacob will be 18 too on the 12th; Jackie Bryant, September 4.

Today’s sermon was on loneliness. Haven’t we all been there, feeling lots of times like we are invisible. Of course, Martin always fits some of the lonely songs into the talk. We, as I’ve said before, have a terrific blend of voices. Today, Marion Gilmore’s friend added some beautiful soprano notes.

I think we should have asked her to sing us a song! Mary Yett had been on a double trip to see her ailing sister in California. But she and sidekick Sparky are home for a few weeks. She joined us, Pauline and Wayne at Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant after church. Thanks, Pauline, for a beautiful card! I came home to compound bow practice in the back yard. Grandma Marg and I adding our “experience” to Skylar’s Dad’s. Well, we did help.

On September 15th a fundraising dinner and musical evening at Knox United Church Hall in Manitowaning for Joan and David Wood.

On Sunday, September 16 after church here in Tehkummah a farewell get together for Mary and Barry O’Neil at pot luck style around 1 pm.

10 pm Monday night, Sam calls in regard to my computer! Isn’t it nice how people worry about my stuff!?

A good crowd at bingo tonight. I almost had to park in my own yard! Ray cooked their anniversary dinner, his Mum helped. We got to eat it! Sherry, Dave, Marg, Skylar and me. Good roast beef dinner. Tara and Ray’s 14th.

I sat with Jean McLennan and Burt Case after the funeral tribute to Joyce Holme’s life. Her nephew David Jaggard had a wonderful eulogy and Martin’s memories too were fondly recalled. We sang Amazing Grace and In the Garden. Marilyn Wohlburg’s music is always so lovely. Sympathy to all the family. I had a nice visit with Joyce not so long ago. I never fail to admire Jim Bryant’s garden as I drive past it, to go to Knox.

I must give credit to those Manitowaning girls who are always providing lunches for everything. It had been ages since I had said hello to Verlie and Bob McGillis. Jacob’s great-grandfather, Ted Doan, had complications following surgery. My sincere sympathy to Susan, Gene and family.

Just came from Sandfield Wednesday evening. I won ladies’ high, 68 and 3 lone hands; Ted won men’s low (we were same table); Yves won the 50/50; Dave, I think, won men’s high and lone hands; ladies’ low could have been Sharon? Next week too.

I’m laughing as I hang up the phone from Helen’s call this morning. The day I visited I gave her a card that had been hanging around for quite some time obviously. She asked did I know the date I had written on it? It was 2011! It’s lucky I’m not still delivering mail. That was the year I had my heart valve replacement, seems like forever ago. Talk about snail mail!

I had someone ask if they rented a room at my place, could they vote in next local election. I said sure, it’s OK by me!

I’ve got chicken soup brewing; it smells good.

Six and a half tables for cribbage on Wednesday afternoon. It is such a good gang and, I’m sure by the laughter, everyone has a great time. The food was wonderful, what a buffet. Thanks also to the girls and guys who do kitchen clean up. We had three high hands of 24, Lori Gordon, Ruth McDonald and Doris Bayers; first, Cal and Marilyn Smith, 954; second, Dorothy A and Ken, 939; third, Laura and Patrysha, 935; low, Brad and Dorothy C., 864; door, Laura, Dorothy C. and Ruth M., Edgar and Rita got their onion this week for three skunks. I think in Timmins last week!

Five- and three-quarter tables for euchre at Tehkummah: men’s high, Dave James with 78 and six lone hands; low, Andy, 46; ladies’ high, Marg Case, 68 and three lone hands, she won on a cut with Rose; ladies’ low, Jean Chisholm, 45; door, Yves.

Big euchre, Thursday tournament, September 13, supper at 6 pm.

Thursday was my travelling day. I met Pat Falter at Providence Bay Fish and Chips. I had whitefish on a bun, excellent. We checked out The Mutchmor, I had good coffee and conversation there. Walked up to see what was going on at Huron Sands. Met a nice young Russian lady, she said she was on a workation. She looked like the cook, helping out her friends. The place is under construction. Some rooms are available.

In Mindemoya I ran into Reegan McGauley, I just happened to have a card in my purse for her. She had been to South Baymouth and had her birthday lunch with grandma Bids.

I had a birthday gift for Joan, one month and one week late. I kept missing her. Had a lovely two hour visit with her. (Almost missed her today too, she and Bordie just came from the doctors.) Finished my soup pot when I got home and shared with my neighbours.

Everywhere I go I see Linda and Bill Chambers. I thought they were permanent residents. Today I find they are from Saskatchewon and her dad had property in the Sandfield area.

BJ Kavanagh and Jim Bygraves are the newest residents of Tehkummah area. They bought the Fred Hunter farm, so, welcome folks.

Saturday evening, a nice day I had with my daughter Sherry. We watched the parade from the deck at Loco Beanz with Chuck, Linda, Myra and Willie (Willie has a new boat.) A couple of yard sales later; we went to the Fairgrounds and watched the horses do the obstacle course (great job, Doug). All sizes of competitors and some wonderful/ beautiful horses. I sat with a girl named Theresa. I watched some of the horse pull. By the time we went into the arena folks were removing the exhibits, saw some wonderful photos. Had a delicious (Burts’) sausage on a bun. Visited around, listened to George sing. I could hear him way over too. Sandra sounded as excited as Derek that he bought her property at Sunsite.

This has been the longest (a page a day, 10). Those early deadlines! Today, after church our sermon in song.

Took in the Museum Heritage Day at the Little Schoolhouse Museum. They have some amazing photographs and information available. One could spend days.

It’s great visiting. We are always learning more about ourselves and our neighbours. Thanks Rob, for buying me lunch with Rhoda’s money. She is a busy girl. By the time I left the museum, the ferry was coming in, so I parked on Main or Water Street?? And counted cars coming and going. Seems busy enough.

Fran and Joe spending their one-year anniversary since moving to the Island! Jeannette was acknowledging a sadder four-year anniversary.

And if there’s room for one more line. Have a good week, folks.