Tehkummah Talk & Times

Makes my day

Hot pinks, bright blue,

That’s what greets my


The minute that I waken

And gaze into the skies.

My curtained windows.

This often is the way

That I view the morning

At the starting of the day.

I must be awfully lucky

To catch the perfect scene

For just a second’s pass-


I lost it in between.

Grey clouds have dark-


This autumn snowy sky,

But once again, I got a


Of Heaven passing by.

October 17, 2018

– Pat Hall

Darn it, just a couple of weeks until our Christmas tea, bake sale and bazaar. I keep forgetting to mention it and time goes by so fast. It is November 3 at the Tehkummah Hall starting at 2 pm. We always have lots of draws too.

Just a couple of days before that there will be a Hallowe’en party on the 31st of October starting at 8 pm. It will be a short event, school the next day. But dress up is for everyone, and if you do you get in free. That’s us grown-ups I’m talking about.

I like seeing the costumes, so all are welcome. Kids are free (all). So far, I’ve had a busy morning. I made a tough cake for today’s birthday party at the hall (well I hope not, but) and prepared a couple snacky things. Fed the birds, the cat, me and, oh yeah, wrote another poem!

Darn it. Once again there has been a security breach on my computer. They apparently installed it last year for me. Can these people not be stopped from infringing on my pen? How many folk do they rook with their scams?

Just got home from the birthday party at the hall, I was in charge today! Thanks Lyle, Harold and Peter. They all sang a cute song today, so did I? We are so fortunate to have the Islanders giving their time and music to us. Thank you to the birthday party attendees (no birthday folk, Toots, Elizabeth, Elaine, Bosje). But we did find we had an anniversary couple as of October 5, Jim and Jackie Bryant, so we sang them a short song! We didn’t ask how many years! I did one short true or false contest. I think they were surprised by some of the answers!?

Well, isn’t it the end of tomato pickin’ time and I finally have my fried green tomatoes! I’d forgotten how good they are.

We have the best lunches at our cribbage games. We do play cards too! We play four, break for our refreshments, then four more. We start at 1:30 pm and head for home around 4:30 pm. So, join us when you can. Today, six tables: today’s high, Gib with 24; Jan had a 23, no prize though; first, Yogi and Mary, 940; second, Gib and Florence, 922; third, Graham and Sheila, 907; low, Lori and Rick, 805; door, Cal, Jan, and Sandra. Before setting up today I had a visit with cousin Joan, not too long but always meaningful. We are cousin friends. Missed my morning visit at the library coffee time and our UCW meeting at Joan’s on Tuesday afternoon. A good meeting and lunch. Aren’t they always!

Six tables for the euchre tournament on Thursday evening. Eva and Donna cut with Norma and Jeneen for lone hands, 6, the latter won; first, Donna and Eva, 82 points; second, Norma and Jeneen, 81; third, Dave and Shirly, 78; low, Marg A and Irene, 45; 50/50, Marg Arnold.

The lone hand competitors, Anna and Janet, Laurene and Dave, Dorothy and me. We tried! Shirley and Dave were on K.P., a delish lunch. We forgot the skunk, darn it!

This week bid euchre!

I headed for town at 11 am this Friday morning, came home through the scattered showers, ha! And walked through my door about 10 pm.

Did the euchre tournament in Manitowaning, stayed for the spagehetti supper then for the trivia night, questions prepared by Pat Novak our M.C. Moderator was Debbie Robinson, we all agreed the questions were the most difficult ever! On my team once again, Jackie, Sherry, Sandy and Brenda. The latter two made us look really good. Wonderful teammates. First place once again: Snowbirds, 61; second, us, the Rainhats (suitable for the day), 59; third Deuce, only two on this great team, 56; fourth, the Manitowinning, 55. We were all close and it’s so much fun! Earlier in the day my euchre partner was Leila. We finished mid-pack (no results here).

Didn’t do anything much Saturday, made banana muffins and beef stew with dumplings. Sunday afternoon: I’m writing this. We had lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s restaurant after church. Susan joined us. They’re having a hard time with their mini menagerie, losing three of their ducks to a weasel during the daytime Saturday and, not so long ago had to put down their pet mini horse Dancer. It’s been a hard year! At our table Martin, Lynda, Pauline and Wayne. Our sermon today was on forgiveness. Derek and I had an hour-long phone visit this morning.

Terry and Kathy recently had to put down their cat named ‘Squash’ down, always so difficult.