Tehkummah Talk & Times

Tehkummah Sr. U.C.W. annual Christmas tea, bake sale, bazaar and draws, touch and take this Saturday, November 3 at 2 pm.

Hey Suzie, sorry to hear about the “many” places your arm is broken. Hope you are a quick healer. All the best.

Dailynn, so happy to hear that you got home alright. We were worried. I intended to put this in my extra-long last week’s column. If there is an early deadline, then next week’s column has two weeks’ worth, and lots happens on the weekend, right? Sometimes?

Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant is only open weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, until the ferry starts up again.

Speaking of, I really should have stayed last Sunday and watched them roll up the sidewalks!! South Baymouth.

Again, the Monday morning drive to Mindemoya (Providence Bay Road way) was just lovely, but the leaves were flying Friday or Thursday, I drove the highway home and looking at some of those “nekkid” trees made me blush.

Today at the laundromat I had a nice visit with a lady from the “far side.” No name, but clues, Lake Manitou and Michigan.

The day of pins and needles, I’m sure, for all who are awaiting tonight’s results, the local elections.

I did a “bit,” emphasize bit, of garden stuff. What a lovely afternoon.

This morning I took my car for its seasonal doctor’s check-up; there’s nothing serious. Had my breakfast at Mum’s Restaurant.

Tonight, I sat in the lazy girl chair and watched the huge moon come up in the still daylight sky, behind the huge elm tree. Makes you catch your breath!

I sat outside the municipal office and waited to hear the results. I do congratulate our new council and wish them all the best in their new tasks. I didn’t hear any actual numbers yet.

I slept well!

You know how those tracker dogs keep us secure and safe. Well, yesterday SM. I’m so proud of her! Ginger was checking out the cupboards below the bathroom sink. So suspicious me, I checked it out too. The day before I had taken a roll of TP down from the top shelf and placed it in this cupboard. It was very obvious that little teeth had been into it. Nest building no doubt. So, I set my peanut butter traps on top of said roll and in one day I caught four? This morning a small grey, but I almost cried yesterday when I saw the surprised look on the mice faces. They have huge eyes and they’re a pretty brown colour with white legs (not kangaroo mice). Why do I feel like a criminal as I give them the royal flush?

That gosh darn wind again this morning and aren’t the leaves flying? There were still some pretty spots on Government Road on Monday. I have outside creatures too. Almost couldn’t open my back door. All my gardening stalks were knocked over (they stand in the corner.) I know we have skunks by the holes in the lawn and Gemma has got sprayed twice in the last month. So, she’s well washed! As well, something took my cardinal bird feeder. It was such a pretty thing. What would carry it away? Raccoons? I can’t see them taking it? Hey, don’t I talk a lot about nuthin!

At trivia night one of my little prizes I picked up was a book called “A Thousand Paths to Tranquility.” So, I must share with you the first one I read. “Tranquility is not the same as laziness. Laziness is the habit of resting before you are tired!” (I’ve got a feeling I’m not as tranquil as I perceive myself!)

Helen just phoned. It’s 1  pm and I’m still trying to get my breakfast. Isn’t it funny, five times I’ve reheated my coffee and I think of something to do or something but if I do nothing else today, I got my kitchen (storm) doors cleaned and two kitchen cupboards (shelves actually) housecleaned and back together. Everything is such an effort. Helen said she was out to Ed’s for breakfast on Sunday with Bertha, Jesse, Lacey and the great-grands. Helen, too, is so good for my ego. We’ve been friends since the day we met! I read somewhere that the average person has seven good friends. What do you think? Maybe they mean close and personal. Coffee’s cold again!

Jan McMurray is very creative. She’s always into something crafty. She gave me a key chain with my name on it. She sells these probably faster than she can make them!

A menagerie congratulated at Tehkummah Hall at October 25th Bid Euchre pot luck and Hallowe’en costume party of sorts. Some great costumes and a clown handed out candy. A bride and groom (matching bow ties.) Some pink, platinum and red heads, a wonderful milk cow? (We think.) Good makeup and costumes. An amazing, as always, meal! First, Patrysha Norton, 241; second, Marg Case, 227; third, Glenn, 210; low, Yves, 65; 50/50, Sheila.

Cribbage Wednesday, five tables. I got home and didn’t have my results. I’m keeping track of scores too, to average them out. It is interesting, no very high scores lately. I do remember Laura and Pat were low; I think Ted, Cal and Dorothy C. won the door prize.

I’m not too long home from lunch with Sissy at Grill and Chill. We ate together but her Mum and I think her whole family either worked there or was eating there? Her Mum, Laura and cousins Doreen and Tracey sat the next table and we moved over later and joined their table for coffee and pie tasting. Rainy day, thick splats of rain? hit the windshield.

Counted 15 cars on the Providence Bay Road on my way home. I never saw that many all my summer driving when there were tourists on the road. Except, maybe ferry traffic times! Besides on the 20th a truck pulled out of a bush road and tried to do me in! (close).

Rick is away moose hunting. Ray is home again from his hunt. They had adventures close to a nightmare, so it seems. Rob’s truck a write off (I think). Moose encounter, and it would seem downhill on all stories, even to almost losing their boat to someone who was taking it? Lost/stolen to the police?

Sermon and song today, afternoon, after the hydro came on, church ended up at South Bay, a nice full one too with folks from all three points. We sounded very good. Martin led some with guitar and voice, and Debbie sang us two anthems.

After church I went to Carol’s and Earl’s and met my niece Lori. We shared table space until Sherry and Dave came along and joined our table. So more visiting. Earlier in the day I went to the camp, drove to the far camp over a carpet of green, yellow and brown. So beautiful. Why does fall air and driving make one feel so good? Met Sherry there too, almost missed Kim and Toulin. They (he and Hank) were getting tree stands in order. Not too long now.

Last evening, I was invited to Susan and Simon’s. Pauline and Wayne, too, for a spaghetti dinner and Tiki game after. Did Pauline or Susan win? A lovely evening. I’ve had lots of skitti this week.

Hallowe’en party tonight, Tehkummah Hall, 8 pm.