Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 64: Margaret McCarthy popped by bearing muffins and mooseburgers.

Day 65: More food at my door (I must have that hungry look). Today, Bobbi Jo calls, she has food for Cal as well. So, we have a small conflab in the yard. The breeze was cool. Bobbi Jo was back again this afternoon with fresh picked rhubarb! It seems early, but I’m sure enjoying it! It’s good for you too! Or me?

I was watching The Voice finale. It was so good, a lot of tributes in and of COVID-19.

As I was sitting here, both my cats came for a visit and I wondered how folks without pets to talk to or cuddle are managing? It must be very lonely if they are alone during this time.

Day 66: Well, a day for sitting outside. Finally, sunshine and warmth, a fairly large pure white feather lands on the roof and slides down. It must be from an angel, as I don’t know any huge birds that have a pure white breast feather? 

A visit outside with Tara and Bobbi Jo, who brought more rhubarb. I just had a bowlful of our delicious chili, yesterday’s gift food.

Brenda Freeman/Robinson stopped in on her way to work, also bearing a gift. I have to be the most fortunate person in the world! And speaking of, isn’t it lovely all the yellow dandelions loaded with honey bees too, and the spring flowers, primrose, violets, etc. The catkins bloom on the birch.

Diane calls, Harvey is bringing us some trout fillets for our supper, delicious they were. 

As I’m writing this, I am watching the unmasking of the final show, there were some good singers on this fun show! It was already started when I got home from Pauline’s. She showed me the whole video of my great-nieces Ava and Leah McCauley singing “Hear Us As We Pray.” Wonderful! She fed me a fresh muffin still warm from the oven. 

I hear Fred Armstrong, who has been strong and fought a long and trying battle with his cancer, has passed away. Sympathy to Sheila, his family and many friends. He will be missed. Until this pandemic we saw him and Sheila each week at our Tehkummah bingos.

My neighbour David Siberry brought me in a mask today made by Evelyn, thanks!

Day 67: 4:30 am, I am awake and singing to Ginger, “Look For The Silver Lining.”

It’s the demise of the daffodils, that darn sun! I just picked a bouquet while the blackflies picked on me.

So, tonight’s news, the firefighting season too, has come upon us. Be careful folks.

Norma Thomas stopped by, I had just mailed her a letter about 15 minutes before. I could have saved the price of a stamp!

A long phone chat with sis Mollie and a chat with Loretta Mucha this morning.

Pauline calls with the news cousin Dave McCauley broke his leg. I’ll bet he said, “gosh darn it!”

He’s a cattle farmer and that means working, and a busy season. Watch from the sidelines and heal soon! The peepers are livening up the night.

Day 68: Ray has the gardens worked up! This year the swallows laid claim to the sky-high condo. The wrens have come too late. I think I need a couple of new little wren houses. If anyone wants to build me some, I’ll gladly pay.

I’m watching a great program of inspiring youth with their ideas of how to commit your time and energies during our isolation time, some good music too! Starting with the Reklaws.

I puddled around outside, potted a couple of seeds and soaked up my vitamin D.

Pretty well every time Pauline phones I’m sitting in a certain location. 

Another white feather, both of them disappeared?

Technology that some are finding so helpful now, had already done its job of isolating people. The face to face was already on its way out, perhaps this is/was a reminder. Note!

A nice long phone chat with Doris Bayer. She had pretty well the same news I had, but did find out a bit of stuff about their property and we talked wildlife. While on the phone, I saw this sissy person in my yard, bulbs, flowers, seeds, inspirational book and magazines with inside information.

Just at dark I saw the hummingbird come to the window. I think he had just arrived, he drank at the feeder for the longest time. I also did my good deed for the day. I caught a bumble bee in the window and set him free. As I watched the Gaither’s this evening the tears are falling. The most beautiful inspirational and thinking of my friends who have passed this past little while. I was singing along earlier and Cal laughed?

Day 69: Saturday, I did a minimum around the flower pots. I really didn’t want to get out of bed. Sherry phoned early and woke me, Derek phoned early and woke me. I finally got up, made coffee, fried sausage with onions and mushrooms and sat in the sun to eat! Sherry came along to help house clean (outside). She painted stuff.

I did a drive to Providence Bay and almost hit a pair of Sandhills on the road. The Marsh Marigolds were glowing in the ditches and bilberry and maybe wild black cherries were looking showy. Folks were enjoying the sand beach at Providence Bay and a pretty stone house was getting a new roof.

Ray and Sherry were cleaning up my garbage. Sherry went to “Kickass Cookhouse” and bought our lunch, it was delicious, huge pieces of fish with the chips and yummy salad. I don’t think I shopped there once last year!

I am exhausted from doing nothing! But the days go by just the same!

Day 70: The morning birds were singing at 4:30 am. I had fallen asleep in my chair about 9:30 last night. Talk about sleep.

Had to “run,” ha, for more paper.

So, Ray finished mowing in the rain. I got peas, a row of mixed something in the ground just ahead of it. I hope it all works out. This is probably the last garden I’ll ever put in! Small though it is, but what a feel of satisfaction to beat the rain!

Back working on my mini books again. Once I started them, I couldn’t quit. But, that’s a job I can do in a semi resting mode.

Well, I really am losing it. I put my rhubarb squares together backwards and made a pudding but it’s good anyways.

Skylar and Ray were fishing and caught some pike. She is learning to fillet them. I just had my supper about nine and it was fresh fish only! And delish! I’m on a fish kick!

Nice to see all the volunteers recognized! OK. The Expositor’s birthday celebration, congrats and double congratulations to be a hall of famer, newspaper-style, nice photograph too!