Tehkummah Talk and Times

I’m having a “sorry for me” day? I must be, as the tears keep falling. My cat is on top of me singing, trying to cheer me up. One should go through life without thinking, I think!

I walked at the hall today for the first time. Now I’m tired and cold, so therefore, the resting mode.

Wednesday evening I beat Mom at cards. I was going to go home with two wins to her one under my belt, but she said just one more. Then said I whomped her because she was in a weakened state (she has a flu/cold). But I have been champ the last three times!

Made a pot of chicken soup (good for the soul?) Cal was in on Wednesday, didn’t stay long. The weekdays seem un-busy with no cribbage.

Well what a nice surprise today! A phone call from cousin Joan in Florida; where she walks she and her friend encountered an alligator, I told her she better practice her running. She sends “hellos” to all.

There I go around feeling sorry for me, but you know, I’m the luckiest person in the world. I got a call today too from Carol Lee who thanks me for what I write. I just write and sometimes I guess it must sound right! So thank you for appreciating my thoughts and words! Susan Ward told me about the Nobles from Sandfield who were commenting on my column. Thanks and more thanks.

Mom beat me today; darned freezing rain on the windshield. Long day already. Reta and Margaret were on K.P. duty for the euchre tournament- eight tables. First place: Sharlene and Janice, 75 points; second, Raymond and I, 74 points; third, Graham and Sheila, 73 and 6 lone hands; fourth, Brad and Bill, Eva and Donna tied with 72 points; door, Bill (Traynor).

Talking to Bryan and Karen (Parkinson) who are moving/moved (?) back to the Rockville area. Welcome home!

I don’t very often call on my neighbours, I usually just yell out the door, but Friday night I phoned and Ray turned on the oven. It’s difficult being without one. Top of stove cook! I had made a batch of banana muffins, so had a visit while they were cooking and left all but three of them there. (Cal was admiring the black bananas in the fruit bowl when he called in); I hate wasting, or throwing “Good” stuff out?

Coming up on February 7 the Triangle Club fundraiser Roast Beef Dinner and Dance, licenced and live music just in time to take your favourite Valentine out for a special evening.

Reuben is feeling better and all the best this week to Bert Bosje as he prepares for another surgery.

“From Angel to Serpent?”- Yesterday morning as I lay in bed I looked out my window and could see an angel reclining on the birch tree’s branch. She was gazing skyward, and yes she even had a visible wing. Now this morning two branches up isn’t there a snake with its body wrapped over a limb? Or perhaps I have a very active imagination, or I’ve gone “snow blind”? I had to stop! My back is killing me, I’m finally going to have to concede defeat, I guess The Bender is gone!

Saturday 17th­––Well the day after I bragged about all the birds in the back yard, they disappeared, just a few jays and chickadees. I think there may be a hawk around, all who called before brought about four friends each, looks like hundreds out there! Oh darn if it isn’t snowing again!! Helen (Oswald) phoned me yesterday, she has a robin in the flowering crabapple tree between her apartment and “Nack’s” store. I got a beautiful pillow there not too long ago; I hear they have some lovely new bedding in stock.

Church today at St. Andrews then afterward at C and E’s we had Pauline and Wayne, Susan and Simon, Mary, Martin and me. Lynda is away to be with her brother who is battling cancer.

Earl was closing their restaurant behind us, as his father was not doing well and they were heading down country. Susan took Mom up to emerg after church­––just when I was ahead on the cribbage game too!

The white Amaryllis I won has one beautiful bloom open today and the red one from Santa Claus is just opening, at least five buds on it. Flowers always make you feel good!

Cal and I had supper at Carol’s and Earl’s on Saturday evening, later we played some cribbage and a three handed with Cole.

Monday­­––why am I hearing shots this morning, 7:30?