Tehkummah Talk and Times

So many good things have happened for me, and to me. I have met so many kind and wonderful people because of my column, and my poetry books. Somehow I seem to be recognized when I’m out and about. I just hope I never take this for granted. This week I want you all to pay it forward, on my behalf, just because I love and appreciate all you have given me: love, reassurance, kindness, and your prayers. God bless you all. I am very humbled. “What can I give you poor as I am?!!”

There must have been 1,000 Sandhill cranes in Mike McKenzie’s field on Monday. There is still a hummingbird as of Tuesday; some have left us, about a week ago now, but as of Sunday still here.

Cribbage scores for Wednesday: high hand, 20, Audrie, Graham, Keith, Lois and Sheila; first, Dorothy and Eugene, 949; second, Laura and Patrysha, 941; third, Dorothy A and Lois, 928; low, Florence and Gib, 853; door, Dorothy C, Keith and Dorothy A.

Euchre Thursday evening with six tables. Men’s high, 71, Graham; men’s lone hands, 4, Bill Case; men’s low, 44, Rosie; ladies’ high, 68, Sheila; ladies’ lone, 3; Marg Case, ladies’ low, 47, Laurene; door??

“Visionary Enthusiasm” our church leaders, our church needs? St. Andrews by the Sea, I am always impressed by the volume and the enthusiasm of the voices as they are raised to the heavens on our Sunday mornings. I think we must have the “best” singers.

Each year I say hello to Cliff then I forget his name by the next time he visits our service again. Welcome back! Raymond had an 80th birthday party at Dick and Eunace Bowerman’s home and a Big Birthday cake baked by Dick?? Ha.

On Friday morning Donna popped in with a jar of applesauce for me. She and her friend were only a week late for the market!! So they continued on to Manitowaning town.

The Harvest Glory scenes are appearing around our village and other places too. What eye-catching arrangements. On Friday evening I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for my supper. Brenda and her visiting friend Donna shared table space with me. They had been sightseeing, touring the Island (candy factory etc,) a nice day. I saw them sitting out on her little patio Sunday morning.

I got up early and drove to watch the sunrise. Ended up at Carol’s and Earl’s. Gave Cal a call and he came in to join me, then Wayne (Pennie), then Jim (Jordon), then Lois and Lloyd (Thomas). So a nice A.M. get together before I headed home to get Mum for church. Ended up that Corrine drove us back to Carol’s and Earl’s. Martin and Lynda, Don and Marlene (Coultis) are on the Island now.

Sunday supper, a meal of turkey, the trimmings, 16th birthday cake, a belated celebration for Jacob (he and his Mum had a bad cold last week). Cal, Sherry and Dave, joined the family group. Jacob’s gift from them was a violin. Wow.

Saturday, what a beautiful wedding Martin Garniss officiated at the St. Andrews by the Sea, South Baymouth. When Cole and Alicia said their vows the church was full and we got to throw colorful pom pom type confetti (provided). A reception and dinner, dance DJ, started about four pm. I had never seen the hall so lovely, fairy lights in gossamer, photographs of the couple from childhood on, and family photos (those they had descended from) a long table of wonderful appetizers. Then after, the wedding party was re-introduced, a delicious dinner, of chicken marsala and roasted port loin, was served buffet style, the cutting of the wedding cake, the serving of the delicious chocolate mousse. (I heard much credit went to the bride’s mother in the food and decorating department). It was all so beautifully done. The bride and groom danced; then family and wedding party; all had a good time. Many favours were provided (I got tulip bulbs) (Cal got candy kisses). We shared table number 6 with Lori, Rick and Jase (Gordon) and Dalton (Burley) only married a couple of months (his bride in the wedding party! The bridesmaids’ dresses were navy, white lace jacket type overlay. (The bride radiant (never quit smiling) a handsome young couple. A day to be remembered.

Many blessings and happiness wished to this young couple.

Cole’s sister Jennifer and husband Matthew King were here from Thunder Bay. Bride’s grandparents from Kingston?

In the past week the St. Andrews church windows got the trim on, David Brown, and ? Looks just beautiful.

Gramma Jean (McCauley) got to be part of the family wedding party too. She babysat Matthew, Jennifer and Cole when they were youngi’uns.

Sharon and Norris Pyette of the Sault were here for the wedding.

Just saw a robin and a bluebird, must be Spring!!

Last week Laurene Holloway had her sister Faye and friend Helen visiting. I heard the raindrops 4:30 Monday morning, and just before they started the coyotes were raising a fuss down below me.

“Cute story”: Maurice Labelle said it was the first time he had entered the front doors of the Tehkummah Hall. He usually got in the side door, with his keyboard as a working playing musician. It was very nice to meet and speak with Carole (Labelle). She says their daughter enjoyed my column, and speaking of, the very personable Robert Rowe was at my door selling subscriptions to The Expositor this past week.