Tehkummah Talk & Times

There are beautiful people in this world of ours, put here especially to make you or me feel good. I’m grateful for the lovely words of praise that I am unworthy of. (You know the “button popping” kind!) Thank you so much; I also got a helpful hint letter on how to use my beautiful cards and appreciate this so much. So I don’t know that you read my column!

I called Tara and asked if she wanted to go for lunch and shop maybe, so we went to Grill and Chill. Finally got a nice visit with Mary and Vance (a few laughs). We looked around in Cindy’s. She’s got lot of nice clothing and accessories. Came home through the rain and all it cost was my gas; time is always free! Thanks Vance! Deer out in the fields, wild geese calling?

Tuesday I got an envelope from Joyce Stevens (remember Oliver, our minister quite a while back). It held a program from our Christmas Conbobulation at Manitowaning School in 1990. A picture of the three of us and a CD of his songs. Burl Ives style. And then, too, a parcel for St. Paddy’s she says, purple wrapped and matching flowers inside —- chocolates? Just what I needed, thanks, other Pat. Too many people like me I think? At least they spoil me! Even the worst kind of day weather-wise has blessings beyond beautiful! Helen called Friday morning, an upbeat smile in her voice; always a pleasure to hear from her.

Mum got checked out at the hospital on Thursday, doing fine except to recover from her bug! I figured she was OK when she beat me at cards!

Happy birthday, Cole, on March 2.

Dorothy Cronk is home again, she spent a couple of weeks away partly at Disney World where her granddaughter took part in an invitational baton twirling demo. Dorothy travelled with her daughter.

Well, from day to day you just don’t know what the wind blows in. March the first a lion called, surprise! And a visitor blew in out of the storm. By the time I went to the hall for cribbage it was too late to start phoning to call it off. That started with freezing rain. We only did six games. I think had we done the usual eight, visibility would have been better, but who knows? Anyways, I hope everyone survived it well.

We did have three tables: high hand, Brad, 20; high score, Brad and Ken, 688; second, Mary and Simon; third, Betty Jean and Bill; door prize, Betty Jean and Patrysha.

I write and I write till you folks get sick of reading.

Saturday missed a phone call and a Chinese dinner. Mum, Susan and Simon got invited, Bev and Richard too.

Pauline and Wayne made a special trip to Espanola and brought it home for all.

So afternoon card games and fun.

We were on a trip too. Sherry picked up Tara, Skylar and me. We hit the indoor yard sale at Mindemoya, checked out Barney’s new store in Little Current, had lunch at Green Acres on our way home, checked out Knox rummage sale and Barney’s Manitowaning. Just got home, Laurene was in, she left, Cal called and soon we were at Carol’s and Earl’s for our supper. Twice yesterday ran into Julie Chisholm, hadn’t seen her forever. Marilyn, Jean and Yves, a quartet! Derek phoned in the A.M. Jodi was coming home Sunday, first time since January 1 so they would celebrate their anniversary on February 28, which I missed. Kim and Kathy called today, nice to talk. They sounded well too, and busy. Jane McDougall was our minister today. Her sermon, “the good Samaritan.” Us?

Hey, remember the third Thursday is euchre in the evening at 7:30, at Tehkummah, music this weekend too!

Hello, Cora Belle, I’ve been thinking of you.

The euchre tournament had only four and a half tables. Jeneen was on K.P. duty. High score, Sharlene and Donna, 91; second, Margaret and Rita, 77; third, Pauline and Wayne, 70; low, Linda and Andy; door, me, and or Simon? (I lost my ticket?)

Good to beat Mum four straight while she’s in her weakened condition. I didn’t leave on Sunday evening until she won one.

Speaking of winners! Good luck to Manitoulin Special Olympians Kelsey and Matt.

Hello out there. I hear of many folk not well, prayers to you all. Thinking of you.

Hello, Don Arnold!

There was a dog chasing deer in South Baymouth Saturday evening; won’t be good for the pregnant does, especially.