Tehkummah Talk and Times

So far it’s been an interesting couple of days. Sherry and Dave brought me over to Daffodil Terrace on Sunday evening. I’ve met lots of nice folk already, and we’ve had a lot of laughs, too. Most everyone seems to deal with this cancer business with a positive attitude. It’s all a learning experience and they tell me it will be a couple of weeks until I may notice an adverse reaction. Met a girl today (well it was her 30th wedding anniversary) who has had practically no problems at all (same amount of therapy, same kind too, as mine) though she only has nine more treatments to go. As I write, I have one down! The roar of the wild winds around the windows, traffic noise, sirens, ambulance, fire trucks, and helicopter waking me in the night. Last night after supper I didn’t wake up until 10 after 2 am.

A busy day Thursday, an overview of my therapy so far, an opportunity to question. Karen and Dr. Shehats are away, a new nurse and Dr. Pierce. I had had all my water intake before this meeting at 11, and still had to hold till 12 for my radiation treatment. I just was going to hop into the elevator (as quick as you are with a walker?) when I saw Sherry drive into the yard. We went to the Chinese place for lunch then to my appointment with Dr. Novaz, he tells me to use salt, got something to do with nerve endings, B.P. drop and my dizzies. Back to the Lodge. I have a nap, wasn’t hungry for supper. After, the ladies all waiting on the main floor for the therapy dogs. Linda, Sandy and Bob bring in their therapy pets (mostly rescue dogs except for this huge English sheep dog called Fritz.) There was Hannah, Bridget and Penny (forgot the blind dog’s name and one other.) I should carry a notebook with me. Goldens, part Chihuahua, and a spaniel. Lovely and affectionate, did their tricks too.

Perhaps it’s the atmosphere or the super stack’s influence, but I have never seen such lovely cloud formations and sunsets as here.

I have gorgeous big windows in my room and watch the robins down below feed their family. Yesterday with the sun behind the cloud, the whole border of it was a rainbow colour, unbelievable!

2:30 am Friday, I am awakened by a pack of coyotes. They must be moving in for the kill. I’m in Sudbury; there is not that much bush area around here. This morning I see two buses parked side by side in the Science North parking lot, and I’m guessing this is the young folk I heard in the night?? My first week here is coming to a close the time has gone fairly fast. One’s life revolves around appointments and meal times, don’t even have to do the dishes. Of course, I can’t miss my nap times!

Jim Johnson called me Saturday to say he was heading for the Island the first of the week, and to check on me too!!

Susan was in and we had a good visit, she brought me an ice cream. She almost got rollered as the tar and chip gang are doing our road, so I hear lots of heavy equipment around. Susan, Lynn, Bids and Chris were in Sudbury on Friday, shopping, dinner at Red Lobster and a wonderful dance recital from Chris’s granddaughter, Sammy, and the class. Apparently the Dads put on a good show too!! The icing on the cake?? Yes?

Laurene Holloway spent last weekend in her hometown (way back when) Wiarton area, visiting friends and family. She had a surprise visit this week from John and Jane Ann (Beaudin?)

Laurene was also the hand delivery postman of a special card/gift from Audrie. Thanks so much. Congratulations to Jean and Art Addison, to Citizen of the Year, Audrey Haggart. Well deserved.

Sympathy to the families of Norma Leeson (former Tehkummah girl) and Jean Cunningham. Thinking of you all. Sometimes I do read the paper.

The ladies had a very busy evening at our annual Sr. U.C.W. Strawberry Social, great to see old friends and new there. Thank you all for supporting our efforts. I say “ours,” but except for bit of advertising and baking a cake (and pulling the winning draw ticket, and eating my strawberry short cake) that was my whole contribution!! 360 last three numbers (mine was 367??) netted Jeanette Barette the door prize (Mum had it for her) Barb and Hugh. I got lots of hugs and good wishes.

We went for a drive the to South Baymouth, but now I’m back home in my Laz’ee girl chair again, holding a pen!

Cal and I said hello to the “Thomas” girls at Carol’s and Earl’s on Friday evening. Beatrice, Wilda, and Norma having a girl’s weekend! Always smiling. Speaking of, Sherry was helping Rita (Gordon) with her Women’s Weekend at the Park.

Dorothy Cronk arrived back home again just as we were coming from the Strawberry Social Saturday evening. Cal and I went to say welcome home and check her for pinch marks? She and her daughter and granddaughter had been on a two week tour to Italy!

Well, Florence and I beat every game, except the last one, and we lost it by one point. Seven games of cribbage in all. We met at the Restaurant and went to Cal’s after supper.

Susan is taking me to Sudbury this morning, a short week. Big doings at South Baymouth this weekend. They always have the “Best” parade, fish fry too. Happy Canada Day all!

They had 7 3/4 tables for cribbage. Cal won high hand with 2-24s. First, Edgar and Rita, 951; second, Graham and Sheila, 942; third, Shared Ruth and Bill and Simon and Margaret, 941; low, Rick and Lori, 870; door, Rob Bosh, Burt Whalen and Keith Size.