Tehkummah Talk and Times

This Tuesday was a day of firsts. The first time the sun in the bedroom window told me it’s time, the first time my cat Ginger was outside at least 6 times? The first time the pond ice has melted enough and sadly, one goldfish so far, and three frogs fished out. The first lawn chair brought out, the first cup of tea Tara and I shared outside. My first day to play pick up sticks, not many, my first walk all the way through my park, the first I encountered some of the little snowdrops. It is the first day I’ve felt really alive, oh yeah, and the first ripe tomato. Well there’s lots of them coming on this spindly convoluted plant, that I have nurtured since I don’t know when? Isn’t life beautiful?

Thinking of all the beautiful people who are having a difficult time right now. Take care; my prayers are with you! Talked to Helen O this a.m. too. She was going to Bertha and Morden’s to get the full update and photo show. They returned from their trip to Abudabi to visit Shawna, rode camels, etc. etc. Sounds like a trip to me! Wonderful eh! Oh that Kia commercial!

Mum’s number one daughter and our number one sister is the most thoughtful! Through the door she came bearing chicken soup “good for all souls,” I had a bowl of it before bed and here I am. Baked a cake already and have it iced, I’m dressed and ready to go, cribbage day of course. Thanks, Susan. Mum’s been winning against me lately, close games but? I wonder how she fared against Susan? Well I found out Wednesday that Susan went home crying. I went in after cribbage today, she beat me four straight, not badly, but beat is beat? Sherry called; Dave got an early call in for his knee surgery (Thursday). He won’t have time to worry about it!

Happy Birthday Skye on April 8. There is going to be an Easter Sunrise service on Fossil Hill again this year.

Phoned Susan this A.M. She had a houseful of coffee drinkers Lori and Rick, Murray and Arnold, who is back in town. Welcome home! Sympathy to the family of Bill Chatwell.

We had seven tables for cribbage on Wednesday: high hands, 24, Laura and Donna; first, Laura and Pat, 949; second, Lyla and Hugh, 933; third, Gib and Florence, 929; low, Keith and Laurene, 712; door, Donna, Marg, and Roger. We had some special awards after a three-week count: lowest score, Sheila and Graham, 69; most skunks, Gib and Florence, 5, Bill and Betty Jean, 4, Pat and Laura, 3, they were cute fuzzy skunk, caterpillar cross stuffy? We celebrated Ted/Eugene/Wooden Heart/Birthday, cake with a candle, a card everyone signed and the birthday song.

Well as it happened I did get to the euchre in Manitowaning, Cal decided he would go. I hadn’t been there for ages, winners were Pat and Janet, 71 points, and four second place winning teams with 63, Donna and Eila, Lloyd and Doris, Cal and I and?? Who was the fourth?

We kind of took the long way home out to Green Acres for a coffee and pie. Wade told us about Barb having had a heart attack, but she had just come home. So get well soon Barb!

We continued on to Little Current, found one street I’d never been on before. Returning, we turned at Sheguiandah and took the long road/route home counting the wildlife one fox, multiple geese and Sandhill cranes, one raccoon, and two big dogs sitting on top of a pile of logs, cute. They looked like book ends. Fifty-six deer, from Manitowaning home ten more, two games of cards at Mum’s.

All of a sudden it’s Monday morning and I have to start thinking backwards. I do remember being in Manitowaning three days in a row. Yesterday, Mum beat me a couple of games of cards, but I went to Knox Church service alone.

Nice pot-luck meal after, and I’m sure it was prayer power that got the lights activated? (Re: Hydro). I sat at a table with Eileen, Sandra and Marilyn. Get well Jean McLennan.

On my way home I beat Cal two to one at cribbage, one walk down through my bit of bush, and he was at my door. We went to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper with Gib and Florence. Then back down to Cal’s for more cribbage, I think the girls did best, Alicia was having a plastic wear intervention. Sorting good time, and Cole checked out the four-wheeler!

Saturday morning I sat out in my sun to have my breakfast. It was beautiful. It’s lovely to see the water running and the yard drying up. It’s been a funny bird year; either lots of them, or none, certainly not like last year.

Tara decided to go with me for trivia night at Knox hall, five tables. I had a great team. This time our name “The April Fools.” Pleased again to have Brenda, Sandy and Jackie and this year Ruth McDonald joined the team. We had some good knowledgeable folk! The snacks too were amazing! Winners were the Daffy Dills, 84; South Baymouth Brains, 82; The April Fools (us), 80; Snowbirds, 78; Sisters in Crimson, 75.

This is a wonderful evening and thank you Martin Garniss for putting it together. Two of my usual team, niece Lori with Rick, were heading to Port Colbourne way, Rick’s good friend Harry had passed away, cancer I think, and daughter Sherry had just returned from Sudbury on Friday with Dave, who had one knee operated after an early call in. They must operate assembly line fashion. A couple of days and home again, doing well!

Sympathy and prayers to the St. Jacques family in the loss of Tessie.