The Freedom Convoy is being organized through social media

To the Expositor:

This protest is very well organized, and this is being done through social media. Social media has a very strong influence on people, whether it’s good or bad, they will still follow. 

The governments have been pushing for this technology to be used and saying how it’s making life easier, but I disagree with that. I’m not too lazy to continue to do things the old way, in fact, I enjoy it. It keeps the mind healthy. I think this technology is working against the government, it is forcing somebody into something whether it’s good or not. 

Besides, I think this coronavirus is winning anyway, so it is up to every individual to protect themselves from it. I am fully vaccinated, and I still wear my face mask and probably will continue to wear it even when it is lifted. I will just follow my instincts on how to do it because when these “chatlines” were just coming out I knew they were no good. Now I see why, how this is causing so much division in our society. 

I’m just watching how our society is slowly coming into ruins because that’s where this technology will take people, into ruins. 

Mankind’s luxury never works, and our Creator’s teachings are far better than mankind! That is when somebody understands, so think about it.

Ronald Osawabine