The NDP might be a change for the better

Technological catastrophe is going to sent us back to the stoneage

To the Expositor:

I have seen some campaign ads that suggest to me that having an NDP government for a change might be better. Their plan for creating jobs sounds good. Giving tax breaks to small businesses will help create more jobs. Right now this technology we have is taking a lot of jobs away. Back in my days of working I used to see a lot people working and it was manual labor that they were doing. It did keep us a little bit healthier because of that hard work. With this technology it’s too easy, that’s why people are having problems with obesity. It’s because they are sitting on their butts all day behind their computers, that’s not healthy. This technology is bad for people, it teaches how to be lazy and the NDP is saying that they will put money into the health care system. We need that this Harper government took away and they mention about old age pension, that they are going to bring it back down to the age of 65 so anyone who wants to collect a pension.  This should be freedom of choice for the citizens to make instead of being ordered around.

Furthermore with this technology, it will cause mankind to bring catastrophe into this world and that scientists are already talking about this. When this happens it will be like back into the stone-age and I could see this coming, it’s just a matter of time before it happens. That’s why I hate this technology, I know what it is and it’s like evil.

Ronald Osawabine