Thirty Dean’s Valu-Mart customers win up to $250 in free groceries

Very happy shoppers! Dean’s Valu-Mart shoppers Ruby Croft, left in photo, and Mollyanne McLaughlin were among the 30 customers at Dean’s Valu-Mart to receive up to $250 in free groceries as part of a customer appreciation day, November 3.

GORE BAY—For the third time within the past two years, Dean’s  Valu-Mart in Gore Bay was selected by Loblaws to hold a free grocery give away for many of its customers, as part of the customer appreciation party held at the store in Gore Bay last Friday.

Shirley Moss of Dean’s confirmed, “this is the third time we have been selected by Loblaws for this type of grocery giveaway and prizes within the last two years (this past May and once in 2017).” She noted Loblaws does a random selection of stores across Canada for this promotion.

As part of the party, 30 customers in the checkout line at the store at a little after 4 pm last Friday, were awarded with up to $250 in free groceries. Among those who were among the 30 were Ruby Croft and Molly-Anne McLaughlin, both Gore Bay residents, who were heard to both say prior to the announcement, “we don’t win anything.”

However, as Ms. Croft stated, “this is awesome,” in relation to winning up to $250 in free groceries.

As part of the party there was the ‘Spin to Win’ game everyone had the chance to take part in, for prizes such as free bread, roast beef, and chips. There were also hundreds of prize donated by Pepsi given out by the store, such as t-shirts, hats, cooler bags and items for kids.

There was plenty of snacks provided by Dean’s, such as hot dogs, pizza, cookies, bagels and cakes.

There were several gift basket raffles held, and free giveaways. Deanna Lewis won the Camel products gift package, an infant gift basket package was won by Jeffrem Dorosch,  and Lenna Noland won a baking gift basket.

Craig and Kelly Timmermans of the Island 100.7 radio station were on hand throughout the day. The door prize of two free tickets to Countryfest 2018 was won by Judy Bjorklund of Spring Bay. The latter had also been in line for one of the prizes of up to $250 in free groceries. “I didn’t expect all this,” said Ms. Bjorklund. “It’s wonderful.”

“Thank everyone for coming out to Dean’s today and for your support in the past,” Ms. Moss told everyone on hand. “And thanks for sharing our customer appreciation day with us.”