Tough times ahead for citizens

Anything mankind touches he either ruins or destroys

To the Expositor:

I think citizens will be facing tougher times now because the inflation rate just keeps going up, then the carbon tax is supposed to increase again too. That is going to drive up the cost of living more; our grocery stores are already so expensive.

Even with green energy we still see hydro rates increasing. What ever happened to cheaper hydro rates that the government had promised to citizens while they were promoting green energy? It was just a damn lie what they did now they are promoting electric cars; how much is it going to cost for the citizens now? Eventually these electric cars will be using a lot of hydro. Who is going to cover that cost? Well, it should be the people who are buying these cars. When somebody buys an electric car, it would be provided an identification number for the owner to use every time they charge the car. Then it would be included on their residential hydro bill because these morons who are coming up with this technology can never think of all the contingencies of what may happen. These electric cars could cost everybody, residential hydro bills will increase, that is already bad enough too.

I’m always fighting off mankind’s influences. That’s why I still have some sense in me because with this technology, it’s just messing up people’s minds, turning them into morons, sorry to say that but there is some truth to that. Anything that mankind touches he either ruins or destroys it.

Ronald Osawabine