Township plans to address the fire hall mold concern

The Billings Township fire hall. Google Street View

KAGAWONG – Billings Township council agrees that an issue with mold at the township fire hall needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

“We are all in agreement that this needs to be rectified as soon as possible, and that the fire hall is a priority,” stated Billings Mayor Ian Anderson at a council meeting last week. “We need to get started to take care of this health and safety concern.”  

This comes after council reviewed a letter from the township health and safety co-ordinator, Arthur Moran. In a letter to council dated January 22, he explained, “I would like to bring your attention an issue regarding mold at the township fire hall. This has been an issue that has been previously identified in JH&SC (joint health and safety committee) inspections and it has been left as far as any definite follow-up and repair.”

“I have attached a photo of the washroom at the fire hall that was taken during the December 8 (2020) inspection,” wrote Mr. Moran. He noted, “moisture and mold have been an ongoing issue at the fire hall since I have started my duties as the health and safety co-ordinator for the township and it is my understanding that the mold issue has been identified in two engineering/inspection reports, one in February 2018 and another in October 2015.”

Mr. Moran pointed out, “the mold has accelerated to a level where a mold remediation is imperative.  As a precautionary recommendation I am suggesting that this area be sealed off to all personnel, and that any person entering into the area be required to wear the appropriate respiratory PPE until some form of mold remediation is performed. I would also recommend that a portable toilet unit be rented for firefighter use until the washroom/office areas are repaired.”

Council requested township clerk Kathy MacDonald meet with Billings fire chief Martin Connell and Mr. Moran to see what needs to be done to alleviate the mold problem.