Trail breaking to allow deer access to food sources encouraged

MANITOULIN—While it has been a good winter for deer on Manitoulin, with less of an overabundance of snow or sustained cold weather and no emergency deer feeding necessary this year, Island residents can still help to make it an even easier year for them.

“People can still help out and be friends to the deer,” stated Sue Meert of the Manitoulin Deer Save group. “People can break trails for deer to access food and take down cedar trees and bushes for deer to eat.”

She explained that even after a heavy snowfall on January 24, and since, in talking to Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) representatives they have no concerns with for example crust levels on the snow surface making it difficult for deer. “They still have good access to food sources.”

“It certainly doesn’t hurt to put out reminders for people they can help by breaking trails to help deer access food. And it is important to mention that people should not be feeding deer, feeding them things like corn can affect their digestive system.”