Upcoming workshop encourages writers to overcome fears, write powerful stories

Gail Anderson-Dargatz

SUDBURY––Best-selling author Gail Anderson-Dargatz presents a workshop for writers July 28 in Sudbury hosted by the Sudbury Writers’ Guild. The topic is ‘overcoming our fears to write powerful stories.’

“It’s something of a cliché that writers are anxious sorts, lone wolves, introverts,” says Ms. Anderson-Dargatz. “But in my experience that cliché is based at least somewhat in reality. Us writers face many fears, fears that can stop us from finishing a book, or even starting it. We may feel we need to stick to writing only what we know, and write from personal experience, but then worry about what Mom will think. And we so often avoid our protagonist’s conflicts, for the same reasons we avoid our own. The result: passive protagonists and wandering storylines. My main job as a writing coach and editor is to help the writers I work with overcome their fears both for themselves and their characters, so their characters can fully engage their conflicts on the page, rather than avoid them at every turn. At the Sudbury workshop, I’ll offer writers strategies to fully develop their projects.”

The event takes place Saturday, July 28 from 10 am to noon at the Caruso Club – Ristorante Enrico Mezzanine and costs $30. Seating is limited so for advanced registration and payment, call Vera at 705-682-2839.

Ms. Anderson-Dargatz is the author of several bestselling novels including ‘The Cure for Death by Lightning’ and ‘The Spawning Grounds.’ She’s been short-listed for the Giller Prize twice and taught fiction within the University of British Columbia’s Creative Writing MFA program for nearly a decade. She now teaches writers around the world through her own online teaching forums and spends summers on Manitoulin Island where she hosts the Providence Bay Writers’ Camp. For more information, please visit www.