Wasse Abin High’s Writing on the Wall

Aanii, Aurora ndizhnikaas (hello, my name is Aurora), and “Writings on the Wall” is back!

I’m incredibly happy that this is back because I absolutely love writing. I’m also very thankful that I am getting this opportunity. Before I start any serious writing, I’d thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Aurora Ominika-Enosse, I’m 15 and currently attend Wikwemikong High School. I love reading, writing and playing hockey. I’ll also let you know that I will be writing about things that happen at my school and around my community. I hope you all enjoy my articles.

So recently our high school had our annual career fair. To kick off the career fair our chief, Duke Peltier, gave the students a good speech over a Skype call (as he was away on a business trip). He told us what it was like being a chief, including roles and responsibilities. He told us how hard he has to work and how hard it is being away from his family. How many people get to say they participated in a skype call with the head of their community? I bet you not many people. So that was an amazing experience.

At our career fair, we attended workshops throughout the day. There were plenty of workshops that we could’ve attended so I chose photography and journalism. The journalism workshop just so happened to be presented by someone from The Manitoulin Expositor. His name is Mike Erskine. He gave me some great tips on how to write for a newspaper. I am trying my best to apply all the tips he gave me.

After the workshops, we had some time to go look at all the booths of the various organizations and companies that attended our career fair. Some booths that attended were from out of town and some were from in town. We had the Canadian Armed Forces, Nipissing University, Wasse Abin Youth Centre and plenty of other amazing booths. We also had a performance from the OLI (Outside Looking In) dance program, which I will also be writing about in a later article. The audience really enjoyed watching the performance and it was the dancers’ first time performing in front of an audience so they appreciated a chance to show off their moves.

I had learned a lot from the booths that had attended; I never realized how many different professions are out there. Students learned a lot as well—they really enjoyed the career fair. The career fair kept them moving around all day instead of sitting in classrooms all day so they appreciated that.

See you next week, miigwech and thanks for reading.