Whittier Gauthier heading to Legion provincials

Whittier Gauthier stands proudly on the winners’ podium as she accepts one of her medals from the District H Track and Field Meet. Whittier will be competing in the provincials this week.

LITTLE CURRENT—Little Current Public School student Whittier Gauthier finished up her elementary school athletics career in fine form, scoring three medals in the June 16 District H Track and Field Championships—a third in triple jump, third in high jump and second in shot put—qualifying her for a trip to the July 13 and 14 provincials.

“To be honest I kind of surprised myself. I didn’t expect to do that well at the meet,” admitted Whittier. “Everyone was older than me.” Whittier was competing in the 15-and-under division and she is still barely 14.

Her medal count was pretty impressive for being an underdog in her division and in order to qualify for the provincials requires a collection of points to meet the bar. Her point scores enabled her to compete in the triple jump and shot put events at the provincials.

Whittier has always enjoyed sports, but if she has a favourite it would have to be hockey. “Hockey is a good one,” she said. “I also like to do volleyball.” Basketball is another sport she has recently taken a shine to.

But as to sports as a scholarship route, the soon-to-be high school student said that she hasn’t even begun to think along those lines. Right now she is focussed on her summer job at the Anchor Inn in Little Current and hopes to do well at the provincials, where she will again be competing slightly above her grade. The Expositor joins friends and family in wishing her well at the provincials this week.