Woodland Adventures program connects kids to nature

MANITOULIN – The Woodland Adventure for Kids program is designed to help promote and develop kids’ outdoor senses, and a deeper understanding of nature.

“We’re passionate about the importance of outdoor education,” said Sarah Earley, who along with her husband Scott have developed and are operating the program. “Basically the whole idea is to get kids out into nature and on land. We do a land-based program that helps them develop their outdoor senses through games and activities for example they become more aware of plants, animals and nature.”

The couple has hosted several session of the Woodland Adventure for Kids along the Kagawong River this summer and another in Little Current at Orr’s Mountain Hiking Trail just off Highway 6 in Sheguiandah with about 10 children on hand for each session. 

“We structure our outdoor adventures around the Eight Shields Model which is based on a natural learning cycle and also uses what is referred to as the Coyote Mentoring Style, which empowers kids to seek their own answers rather than telling them, and also uses games and activities to develop core routines that develop their awareness as well as deepen their connection to nature without them even realizing that this is happening,” explained Ms. Earley.

“By design these Woodland Adventure for Kids are an introduction to what we would love to continue offering throughout the year-year round outdoor programming for young people who want to explore wild spaces, play nature-based games, tell stories, create nature art, build shelters, track animals and discover other adventures that deepen their connection to the natural world,” said Ms. Earley.

“We are hoping to offer the program for three weeks in August and depending on the response we receive maybe we can even continue it through the school year. We would offer the program on school professional development days.”

The program is for kids between the ages of 7-12 and costs $25 per child and $20 per additional sibling. For more information or to register visit the website www.flintandflora.com