Writer calls out MP on voting record

Anger expressed over failure to vote on fossil fuel taxes

To the Expositor:

When Carol Hughes campaigned last fall, she included in her platform that she would fight for a lower cost of living for her constituents! She has previously (and as recently as March 24) stood in the House of Commons to deny any relief for the taxpayers she misled last fall with voting down a motion to remove GST/HST temporarily from the price of heating fuels, gasoline and diesel!

Hope those who had pretty orange signs in their yards last fall are paying attention to Carol Hughes’ corruption; she fits in neatly under Justin Trudeau’s umbrella of tyrannical leadership! Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapusasking needs honest representation, not Carol Hughes abiding by Commie combo Jagmeet’s and Justin’s directives!

Allen McQuarrie
Gore Bay