Writer concerned for the future of Providence Bay post office

Hopes Canada Post sees fit to hire plucky replacement postmaster

To the Expositor:

As a previous resident of Providence Bay, I am disappointed that Canada Post is taking advantage of the retirement of the long-time postmaster, Eleanor Lentir, to consider shutting down this modest village post office. I am happy that the recent Manitoulin Expositor article last week included supportive comments by both Ms. Lentir and Central Manitoulin’s mayor, Richard Stephens, lobbying to maintain this important service.

Supposedly, Canada Post is open to “input from the community to help them make their decision.” However, it would help if specific contact information was provided for concerned citizens to share their opinions to those responsible for this decision. Fortunately, I took the time to phone the Prov post office, where I had a lovely chat with Pam Schieckoff, who has been temporarily hired to replace Eleanor. Pam also clarified the typo in the recent article regarding Ms. Lentir officially retiring “sometime in 2024.” I am concerned that Canada Post has already made its decision to shut down the Providence Bay Post Office, as of December 30, 2022, when Ms. Lentir retires. Would love to see the charming and experienced Pam Schieckoff realize her hope to become the permanent postmaster in Providence Bay.

D.S. McPhail