Writer defends verbal attacks on deputy prime minister

The fault lies with Trudeau and his government

To the Expositor:

The deputy prime minister is in Alberta and gets called out and then Trudeau says that is unacceptable. Well for me, I think that is acceptable. Trudeau calls this cowardly, but I think it’s the other way around. Because they are the ones who are cowards. They are always giving in to the rich, giving handouts to people who do not need the help. It’s the average citizen who really needs the help and when citizens express their anger against the politicians, they are not cowards either because when they try to deal with the government in a reasonable manner, the government never listens to them.

I have said it so many times that these politicians need to smarten up, but nothing ever gets through their thick skulls. These confrontations these politicians face will just get worse probably until they start listening.

I know citizens are getting so fed up with them and until they do, they will keep facing confrontations. They have a right to express their anger, if the government is not listening and right now, citizens really need the help because of rising inflation, especially during the winter months. I was going to stop writing articles, but when I heard this person called a coward, that really got me angry. Trudeau has no right calling somebody a coward when it’s their fault.

Ronald Osawabine