Writer demands parliamentary inquiry into G8 spending

To the Expositor:

The retiring auditor general of Canada, Sheila Fraser, basically calls the government of Canada (in relation to expenditures at the G8 summit under Prime Minister Stephen Harper), liars and thieves. Given her study, no argument here. This is right on the heels of House of Commons Speaker Peter Millikens’ pre-election ruling that, “on its face, the government withheld information from a parliamentary committee, and that International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda may have misled the House.” The ruling by the then-speaker of the house was that Harper Government deliberately ‘misled’ the entire house of commons.

For those of us lying in hospitals, those who cannot afford medications, the homeless, hungry, those who cannot afford to send our kids off to university, clothe our kids in a style we would like, please know that your sacrifice and pain is at the hands of our own government led by Stephen Harper.

Schools closing, downsized, classes twinning? Again, look to Harper.

Harper and those like him insist they have done nothing wrong. Here is a thought. If he feels that strong about being called less than credible, by being called liars and thieves by the auditor general and the speaker of the house, why not have a parliamentary inquiry to expose their level of honesty or lack of it? These two, the speaker of the house and the auditor general, are both handpicked by our government for the specific reason of maintaining integrity and honesty. I feel Harper has destroyed their credibility and insulted our intelligence to think for a moment we believe anything he says.

I ask the new NDP opposition to maintain a call for a parliamentary inquiry, and call for the national media, our only help as taxpayers, to keep Harper’s feet to the fire and work to force an inquiry.

Larry Killens
South Baymouth