Writer unhappy with handling of landfill ban

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Expositor contacted Assiginack clerk Alton Hobbs regarding the following letter. Mr. Hobbs explained that the issue involves confusion by some Assiginack residents as to what the role and responsibility of the landfill attendant is in accordance to the landfill’s government certificate of approval.

To the Expositor:

Councillors and reeves are voted into office by the taxpayer. Taxpayers dollars help to pay the wages of town employees.

In a court of law you are deemed to be “innocent until proven guilty.” In most differences of opinions or actions there is usually two sides to a problem. Were both sides heard in this case? Appears doubtful! Are our council members and town employees invincible?

Should council not have settled the so-called problem at the local level? Instead (a month) later have a Toronto lawyer (at considerable expense to the taxpayers) informed the landfill users “by letter” that they have been banned for one year from the landfill property!

How many more landfill users will be banned because the landfill attendant couldn’t take criticism for a job not well done! By doing their job, by helping landfill users as they drop garbage off, you’d have “happy users” and not have unwelcome criticism! My opinion: honest criticism isn’t considered to be of a “threatening nature.”

Karen VanZant