Writings on the Wall

by Aurora Ominika-Enosse

Aanii readers! I hope everyone’s had a safe, fantastic Easter weekend! I hope the Easter bunny was good to your little wee ones, if you have little wee ones! Hopefully everyone had their favourite chocolate and I hope everyone had great quality time with their families.

I’m so very happy to announce that our school’s robotics team placed 13th out of 39 teams at competition in North Bay. I know they’ve been in the paper last week, but our school is so very proud of them and all they have done. Team member Reynold says that he “feels that our team was a little small in comparison to other teams that were there.”

Hopefully in the upcoming years our robotics team grows bigger but they’ve come a long way and it’s a huge accomplishment. Way to go, Reynold Assiniwe, Kaitlynn Recollet, Shaelynn Recollet, Tim Pitawanakwat, Eileen Letander-Trudeau, Hannah Peltier and Annie Wemigwans! I can’t forget to thank teacher/mentor Mr. Chris Mara for all his hard work and dedication to this team.

I’m also very happy to say that our school’s badminton team attend pre-NSSSAA and did fairly well. This tournament gave them a great chance to scope out their competition for NSSSAA. Starlee Kanasawe came in 4th at pre-NSSSAA in girls singles. Congratulations! Our school’s badminton team is hoping to make it NOSSA. We wish them the best of luck. By the time this article comes out our badminton team will be at NSSSAA so good luck to Andrea, Elieen, Starlee, Wiingash, Nimkii, Landon, Mikey, Justin and Hunter! No matter what you place just remember to always stay positive and that we are always proud of you!

Well that’s all I have for you this week. Everybody have a great rest of the week, and when the time comes, a safe weekend. Also heads up to Wikwemikong Warriors that Student Council is planning a Semi-Formal. Ka waabmin!