WIIKWEMKOONG—The 46th running of the Wiky Road Race, the 10km championship for runners, walkers and Nordic pole walkers took place this past weekend in temperatures barely above zero, making for quite a chilly event.

After the race, lunch was served followed by a small awards ceremony, emceed by long time race organizer and supporter Henry Hoy. Awards were handed out to top race finishers as well as top finishers in each age category.

Aurel Fox, 24, of Wiikwemkoong was the top male finisher, finishing the 10 km course in a personal best time of 39:06 to earn the Expositor Trophy for top male finisher.

The Wikwemikong Board of Education Trophy for top female finisher was again awarded to 2017 winner 26-year-old Michelle Kennedy, who came back to reclaim her title in 45:09.

Fifteen-year-old Sierra Pangowish, who was the 2017 top high school female finisher, finished the course in 48:15 to again claim the top high school female finisher award.

Patrick Beaudry, with a finish time of 56:41, earned the top high school male finisher award.

Community Health Worker and first time Wiky Road Race organizer, Courtney Wassegijig, said she was pleased with the event and all the support that she received “especially from volunteers and staff members.” She added that the race is “probably one of the longest running races in Northern Ontario” and hopes that runners and walkers alike continue to come out annually to participate in the event.

Ms. Kennedy, who was grateful that the weather was a little kinder than last year, says that the Wiky Road Race is her “favourite race because the course itself has a downhill that just keeps going and going and never goes back up, there’s food afterwards, it’s only $20 and everyone is so nice.” She looks forward to returning in 2019 to reclaim her title for the hat trick.

Mr. Fox, who has run the race three times and is a first-time winner, was pleased with his results and described his race as “fantastic – a little bit cold and windy but still a good show.” He said that he “enjoyed the fast and scenic course” and is looking forward to returning next year.

The event saw 22 walkers and 33 runners finish the 10km course.

Top finishers in each age category: 8 and under girls: Jamie Lynn Peltier, 79:05; 9-10 boys: Lucas Laquerre, 61:30; 11-12 girls: Jenelle Akiwenzie, 56:35; 13-15 girls: Sierra Pangowish 48:15 and Shaolin Roy, 51:40; 16-18 boys: Patrick Beaudry, 56:41; 19-25 male: Aurel Fox, 39:06, James Jokinen, 56:50 and Simon Diebel, 59:11; 19-25 female: Gillian Ominika, 57:18 and Mary Agnes Shawana, 71:48; 26-30 male: Cameryn Beaudry, 51:45; 26-30 female: Michelle Kennedy, 45:09, Casey Odjig, 48:47 and Chantelle Taylor, 49:12; 36-40 male: Ralph Gonawabi, 58:55; 36-40 female: Laurel Le Conte, 53:18, Ashley Mishibinijima, 65:50 and Pamela Manitowabi, 79:04; 45-50 male: Bob Fields, 47:27 and Scott Hopkins, 52:14; 45-50 female: Leslie Marshall, 51:12, Tammy Rolston, 53:38 and Dyann Pulkkinen, 54:49; 51-55 male: Tim Quetton, 52:35 and John Saftie, 53:31; 51-55 female: Robin Cooper, 61:38; 56-60 male: Greg Bond, 49:28 and Jeff Eshkawkogan, 50:38; 56-60 female: Lise Perdue, 79:29; 61-65 female: Lorraine Loranger, 77:33; and 66+ male: Vince Perdue, 56:27.