A big thank you to Manitoulin Health Care staff

Overworked and tired, hospital staff still give the ultimate in care

To the Expositor:

Very recently I had to take my elderly, limited ability husband into emerg at 6.30 am in the morning for pain control and diagnosis. At that time nurses and doctor were on shift all night. We were met with such kindness, caring and efficiency to diagnose and treat.

Over the weekend side effects from the medication caused confusion and deterioration in my husband’s condition so that he could no longer stay at home. We reached out to a PSW to come and assess the situation and advise us how to proceed, again professional and caring. We needed to call an ambulance and take him to emerg in Mindemoya. He was assessed and admitted to Little Current hospital as there were no beds in Mindemoya. Doctors, paramedics, nursing staff so kind caring and compassionate.

We are at the height of the tourist season here on Manitoulin and all of our hospital health professionals are stretched to the limit—short staffed, doing overtime and still giving the best care that they can!

Thank you so much to all our wonderful health team on Manitoulin; we are so grateful for you all. I was praying hard as the weekend unfolded as I needed to get down to Princess Margaret for my cancer treatment. I asked God to put the right people in the right place for John as I did not know what to do! And with tremendous support from my family and John’s health team, we did!

So remember that if any of you need to go to hospital often the staff are very tired and overworked. But they can still be kind, caring, compassionate and give us all the best possible care. They are doing this because they care about us!

With very grateful thanks,

Mary Buie and family