‘Little Current is a remarkable community’

A note of thanks from a sailor

To the Expositor:

My husband and I have been boating in the North Channel for 20 years. One of our favourite destinations has always been the Port of Little Current. The town is pretty, the town folk are friendly and boat provisioning is wonderful. The town dock with its magnificent boardwalk is a sight for sore eyes whenever we approach it in our sailing vessel, ECHO, during our annual summer sailing holiday.

Over the 20 years we have been visiting, there have been a lot of changes throughout the North Channel but the Little Current boardwalk, lit up at night, is magical, and by day it is a stroll of wonder looking at all the beautiful boats which line the docks and the wall.

We have been fortunate, overall, in our retirement to be in good health. However as we age, the odd part of our body may need to be fixed or replaced and to continue to enjoy this privileged wonderful life we need to do our best to keep our parts repaired or replaced.

On Friday, August 5 while strolling to the Anchor Inn in anticipation of a delightful breakfast, I managed to trip on a board that had aged, like us, and probably needs to be replaced. However, this complaint is not why I am writing. It is the response I received upon smashing my cheekbone against the board that once again points out what a wonderful community Little Current is. Determining that probably I could get up and be mobile, we continued on to breakfast and were astounded by the solicitous care we received from all the staff at the Anchor Inn. As the goose egg on my face soon swelled at a very fast rate, each staff member in turn, offered their condolences, brought me ice, brought me napkins to wrap the ice in, and ultimately phoned for a taxi to get me to the emergency department. 

The hospital staff were terrific, both friendly and efficient. X-rays were taken and staff continued to observe me watching for symptoms of concussion. I could not have asked for better medical care. Well, okay, an ice machine in the ER department might be a good idea! Possibly some funds could be allocated for this convenience?

Medical staff even suggested that I should return the following morning  in order that they could check to make sure nothing further untoward would be happening. Now that’s good care!

I decided that if I could trip, then perhaps others might trip at the very same spot and so I reported that particular board to the municipal office not really expecting that they would suggest anything more than that I could perhaps pick my feet up a little higher. However once again, care and concern were offered. A photo of my now blackening eye and cheek was taken and the municipal staff member asked me to show her the particular offending board, which I did. She took the time and effort to walk down the boardwalk with me to identify the offending board, which was above and beyond.

I had only been back at the boat a short time when the dock manager, Reid Taylor, arrived to ask me how I was feeling and to let me know that because our stay had been lengthened because of my predicament that we would not be charged that fee to stay the extra night. Amazing! 

So all in all, Little Current is a remarkable community and is much appreciated by so many of us. Please know that boaters from afar love your community and will keep trying to have their own parts repaired and replaced in order to keep visiting your wonderful boardwalk which we hope will keep its parts repaired and replaced.


Carol and Gerry Neave on sailing vessel ECHO
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario