A less than enthusastic response to the acclamation of chair

To the Expositor:

We just read in local media, who know and practice accountability, and transparency, the chair and vice chair, Rainbow District Public School Board were returned to office “unchallenged” to serve yet another year.  We are once again subject to their decisions.

This is a sad event considering the past history of monies being diverted away from the classroom by (a few examples) building a sports bubble dome in Sudbury, despite a) financial help being withdrawn by the Government of Ontario and Greater City of Sudbury. b) Drinking water of our kids still being found to be unacceptable. c) Insufficient text books in classrooms. d) A raise in salary to the director of education by 39 percent in one year. e) Crucial, needed help for our autistic kids being cut. (But the board chair and vice chair have nice accomodations to meet in) f) Accusations of discrimination against the chairciuched in her own personal voice and remarks (below)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlLi_FKfQwAr and g) accusations of plagiarism to the chair and the director of education. The Ontario Office of the Ombudsman urging “in writing” that the board administration  follow their own policies and procedures when challenged on their governance decisions.

We have current, serious staffing issues and this chair is making decisions on staff lives and students’ lives. What are Chair Dewar’s administrative and life-altering decisions for staff and students based on when you consider she is on record as not ever taking notes?

I would like to say Rainbow’s octogenarian longevity and her claimed dedication to the Rainbow Board is to be appreciated and honored.  But was her return for the best? Her return is blocking fresh ideas and new efforts to succeed where failure was met. She has earned the right to enjoy her retirement free from her life consumed in this volunteer calling.

I point to the Manitoulin Expositor article where the chair of the board is quoted in accepting her additional term, repeating the age old mission statements/values and priorities and board goals, Word for word as if they were her own?  

I would ask the chair of the board to clarify for the public what the changes are and what are the challenges she envisions, and how they are to be addressed? These questions are all necessary and needed information for parents of the educational community and at the start of a new term, are wanting answers. 

In short, where is Chair Dewar as chair steering the ship? Hopefully not more of what we have seen.

Again, I say thanks for the long service to education that has without question yielded some good, and some not so good, actions under her watch. I suggest it is time to hand the torch to new, fresh, and innovative mind.

With respect,

Larry Killens

South Baymouth