A letter in defence of the late Larry Killens

Not one member of the Rainbow District School Board stood up for him

To the Expositor:

I’m now 85 years old and never in all those years have witnessed such unacceptable treatment as that to which the late Larry Killens was subjected as a member of the Rainbow District School Board.

I attended one board meeting during which Mr. Killens was effectively muzzled and was refused permission by the chair to participate in the proceedings—to the point that I could no longer contain myself.

Have we sunk to the point where volunteer citizens no longer deserve respect and instead are treated as impediments?

Surely we have the time and compassion to at least listen to each other and communicate amicably.

The truly disconcerting part of all this is that during this “exhibition,” not one board member spoke out on Mr. Killens’ behalf—a further indication of board mismanagement.

All Manitouliners should be aware that during the time of Mr. Killen’s exclusion, our children were not represented on the Rainbow District School Board.

Surely, food for thought.

Mike Wilton
Dominion Bay