Don’t blame the geese

Maybe concentrate on not cutting down trees and destroying vegetation along the shoreline

To the Expositor:

It’s that time of year around Lake Mindemoya.

Significant portions of Ketchankookem and Lakeshore Roads are going through their summer ritual of excessive goose poop.

How could this have happened?

Well, the science tells us that Father Gander and Mother Goose stop flying for about four to six weeks during the time they’re molting (growing new feathers) and raising their new baby goslings. Because they can’t fly during this time they look for places on land along the shoreline where they can build a nest for their young and access food and also where they can easily access the water in case of a predator.

Guess where those areas are? It’s where we humans have cut down trees and destroyed other vegetation along the shoreline. When we do so we allow geese to freely access the land and the water. And as nature would have it our feathery friends make the odd deposit.

So, please don’t think about poisoning or riling up a posse to shoot the geese. There are other more humane and reasonable ways to control the goose poop problem. For beginners, let’s stop cutting down trees and destroying vegetation along our shoreline. 

Dan Colton
Lake Mindemoya