A monumental tribute to unsung heroes is threatened

To the Expositor:

On November 15, 2012 the good people of Little Current, Ontario, that is, “the law,” will again be summoned by Little Current’s Court and Little Current’s capitalist unrepresentative municipal government and its two non-public servants, Mr. Williamson and Mr. Spry, who want to remove the 1 Meredith monument approved by the people, that is, “the law.”

The council and its employees claim the monument is in violation of a building bylaw restricting 1 Meredith Street area to business, a hospital, nursing home, a fire hall and recreation facility i.e. without changing the bylaw when the people i.e. “the law” approved the monument.

At a pre-2010 council meeting, Mr. Williamson told the councillors a 1 Meredith monument would have to be 25 feet from the sidewalk while Toronto’s distance is 15 feet so the people can see the monument.

The monument is to Manitoulin pioneers such as Canada’s 47-year Conservative-Liberal-NDP Capitalist party suppressed. It eliminated Canada’s Merchant Marine, the 3rd largest in the world, that kept our Motherland, Britain, alive from 1939-45 and the monument is dedicated to this unsung service as well as to Canadian giants Norman Bethune and Christine Baird. It is a credit and tourist attraction to Little Current and taxpayers, an educational, recreational means for the young, with its mountain climbing rope around its neck i.e. supporting recreation value in accordance with Little Current’s bylaw.

The persons attempting to remove the monument must, of course, be removed as they are in violation of “the law” i.e. the people who approved the monument.

Should the Little Current court move to remove the monument, the matter will proceed to, if necessary, the Supreme Court of Canada at the expense of Little Current’s taxpayers due to their unlawful and unrepresentative council.

One elementary truth that should be taught in every school is if we don’t remember our history it will surely be repeated. We have a duty to remember our history by way of monuments, books, etc.

Capt. Douglas K. Campbell, B.A.
Little Current