A pox on all things technological

Citizens should smarten up as the cost of living will continue to rise

To the Expositor:

Today’s technology is getting too evil so these high-tech companies should get their damn evil souls off this land. Even with this technology it’s not going to save the world. I even see that Indians are getting caught up in it too. I will not use any fancy words when I say Indian because that’s who we are. All these high-tech companies are just creating more garbage even with these electric cars that are just garbage. It is just a way of making more money and the government is in on it too with gas skyrocketing. The government is collecting in the billions of dollars in gas tax revenue and even our food packaging is shrinking but the prices remains the same or just increase because of these damn greedy corporations and the government is not doing anything about it. Citizens should smarten up because I think the high cost of living will just keep increasing. And why? It’s because of these greedy corporations and high-tech companies.

Ronald Osawabine