Letters: A reaction to the recent provincial candidates’ take on diversions

None seem to have a strong grasp of the issues

To the Expositor:

Re. June 6, 2018 front page story on the Great Lakes water diversion court challenge

This is indeed a serious issue. This could affect drinking water supplies for cities and towns bordering on the Great Lakes and upper St. Lawrence River, to the disadvantage of millions of people on both sides of the border. That is why the complainant in this issue, the MEA (Midwest Environmental Advocates) was formed and the diversion agreements were signed in the first place. In addition, there are large lake ports for ships in many of these cities, such as Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Wisconsin, Thunder Bay and Duluth, Minnesota, to name a few, and these have been effected by fluctuating and lower water levels in the Great Lakes far too frequently. Increased diversion could further complicate this situation. The Americans have been itching to divert the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Basin for decades and have been prevented by agreements such as this, but, they still try. As said, many times, water will become the new gold and with current (alleged) leadership in the US, Canada must exercise vigilance and strong push back when they try to just proceed arbitrarily.

Given some of these reactions from wannabe politicians in Ontario, we cannot anticipate a lot of strong or effective push back. Speaking of just the three major parties, the Liberals are interested in negotiating, which is good, but, the emphasis mentioned seems centered on mainly First Nations issues. This issue is everybody’s issue and future. The NDP seems to grasp the issue, but saying they will fight to guard the Great Lakes, appear as empty words. The PC appear more concerned with the beauty of the Great Lakes and the effects on tourism or docking of the ferry at South Baymouth. He then goes on expounding the wonderful investments his party will make on things not even related to this situation. This issue did not begin happening yesterday. Obviously, none of these candidates (from any party) even knew about it. Certainly not strong advocates for something that could affect millions of people in two countries. Sad.

Keith H. Moyer
Elliot Lake