A rebuttal to The Slash trailer controversy

“The world could use some friendlier neighbours instead of constant complainers.”

To the Expositor:

Re: Trailer controversy in the Slash

The property the Wahls are so desperately certain is getting away ‘rent free’ and not paying structural taxes on has since about 1934 held at least three homes over the years, in fact two of them at the same time. There was also at least one drive shed, a grainery and at least two outhouses. This property is a farm property and has been in this family for three generations and is currently owned by a third generation grandson.

Thanks to the first generation owner of this farm property, the Wahls are now free to complain about the grandson since it was his grandfather that donated the acre of land to the Township of Assiginack for the purpose of a school house. That acre of land was sold after the school house was deemed as having no more usefulness, instead of giving it back to the farm from which it was taken. Thus the property the Wahls’ currently call home was in fact the site of the school house and without the grandfather’s donation they wouldn’t be living on a plot of land surrounded on three sides by the original farm.

The property has always had outhouses. The current outhouse was recently built and adheres to bylaw standards as the Wahls know since they complained until a bylaw officer confirmed that it passes all codes and requirements.

The property in complaint is a farm, which of course we all know comes complete with animals of various kinds. Interestingly enough the Wahls neglected to complain about the herd of cattle that graze on the farm property but mention a family pet, a single horse. A horse which is only present during the summer months, very late June until Labour Day weekend.

The electricity that seems to have amazed the Wahls has been in place for decades, that is plural. It was in place decades before the Wahls ever thought of owning their little acre of property.

This letter writing couple seems shocked that ATVs and a satellite dish grace the property. Is there a property around that doesn’t have a satellite dish? Even the Wahls own one on their property! Almost every rural/farm property has at least one ATV, and many residential properties also sport ATVs sitting out in the yard.

What angler doesn’t keep his boat in his yard ready for a fishing trip on a nice day? Where should he park it I wonder.

This farm property is well maintained, the grass is mowed weekly, the fences are well maintained, there are no cigarette butts laying around, and no garbage blowing in the wind. It is neat and tidy. It’s a shame the Wahls can’t look past the bylaws and truly see what is happening next door. They would see a family reconnecting during the summer months with three generations doing what they’ve always done, coming back home to the farm for a visit. They would see a young girl doing what she loves, caring for and riding her pet horse. They would see a loving family of three generations spending the last summers of older lives enjoying family and giving back to the community in many ways. This family, their extended families and friends spend time at various community functions in and around the area, they shop locally, they buy fuel and supplies locally, and they even pay their taxes!

The view is of course personal, and I try to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. I think the world could use some friendlier neighbours instead of constant complainers.

Deb  Kankowski