A (somewhat) convoy supporter changes tack

To the Expositor:

I did somewhat agree with the truckers protest about vaccine mandates but it’s just too bad that these other jerks got involved in a peaceful protest. They just wanted to cause trouble because some of these are independent truckers who are working for themselves instead of working for these big trucking companies. 

Mandates were set for big companies to have their employees vaccinated. I think the government is trying to target these independent truckers. Why are they doing this? Because that’s what the government is always doing, targeting only people who they can just easily push around. On the news I heard that we’re getting more infections from international travellers and these truckers are not in contact with others too much either. It’s not making too much sense, but when it comes to international travellers, that’s making more sense. 

They come into contact with a lot of people just spreading their infections. So how come this government is not going after these? Because maybe it’s just too much of a coward or it could be because of this damn bureaucratic system we have. The bureaucratic systems work in favours only while the filthy rich are getting away with tax evasions and not having to pay part of the share. Then it’s always ordinary citizens picking up the tab for everything (the cost). I have seen all the injustices being done to ordinary citizens, especially the minority, and if this keeps up, we will probably see more disobedience from citizens because I think the Trudeau government is causing a division on how he is handling his governance. The way I see things today, it’s a battle between the rich and the poor.

Ronald Osawabine