A thank you from a stranded mom to three kindly gentlemen

To the Expositor:

To Loren Kostik, retired OPP officer Rick Gjos and Larry the Wonder Bread truck driver:

Dear gentlemen,

I want to say a most sincere thank you once again for stopping and taking time out of your day on Saturday, April 14 to help a stranded mom and her toddler on the side of the highway, between Sheguiandah and Ten Mile Point, stranded with a flat.

Loren (recent resident of Manitoulin), you kindly stopped to pick us up after all other cars passed by, while I hiked along the highway carrying my toddler to the nearest phone several kilometres away. To retired officer Rick (Fish and Game Club) for your kindness of giving me another lift to fix my tire and climb under the van. Thank you as well to Larry ‘the Wonder Bread truck man,’ (as called by Rick) for stopping on your busy delivery route and assisting Rick with my tire change.

Such kindness is so appreciated when people stop and take time out of their day and greet you with warmth, telling you ‘it’s no problem’ to stop and help out. We connected so nicely and you shared a bit of your lives to make light of a situation (an unprepared, unequipped mommy). Thank you again, kind gentlemen, for your help, which made a stressful and worrisome event (hiking down the highway with a sick tot), into a pleasant support experience from some kind fellow Islanders. You leave me with such a good feeling of living here and of humankind, knowing such people truly care and exist. My letter is such a little gesture of what you did for me. You are my ‘good samaritans’ and you taught my toddler that strangers can be kind and good!

I wish you sunshine, big smiles, many blessings and kindness for your days and travels as well. Perhaps I will see you around. I just wanted you to know how much your kindness meant to me, as well as Manitoulin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Melissa and Rowyn Kasunich