Anger voiced over British Columbia veteran’s decision

To the Expositor:

The British Columbia courts have committed the biggest travesty in Canadian military grievance(s) history.

Earlier this month, the long (11 years) awaited proceedings of jurisprudence procedures regarding disabled veterans, their right to appropriate compensation, their right to simply live a simple life, ended up on a decision based on government monetary savings by policy makers who most likely have no idea as to the meaning of military service.

The “lump sum” payment imposed on disabled vets is a morally criminal offense. A $370,000 “lump sum,” only if one is suffering for life, with no arms, no legs. Can even one of these heroes at least purchase a modest house and live with such? No!

Justin Trudeau’s election platform spoke to “Dealing with this situation.” Feels nice to stick handle your way around and out of this wrong, Mr. Trudeau?

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Mike White