Assiginack council discusses committee of the whole merits

Municipality of Assiginack Manitowaning

Decide to continue committee of the whole process for six months and revisit

MANITOWANING—Despite concerns that decisions are taking too long to be made, with a committee of the whole meeting replacing one of the two regular council meetings every month, Assiginack Township council will maintain the current meeting structure for the next few months.

“Now there is only one meeting during the month when council is really doing anything, making decisions,” said Councillor Janice Bowerman, at a committee of the whole meeting last week. “I feel it is a little bit of a waste of time.”

“I agree,” stated Councillor Dwayne Elliott.

Mayor Brenda Reid said, “except (in the committee of the whole meetings) we are getting information or requesting information from staff to bring to our regular council before we are making decisions.”

“This can be done at regular council meetings as well,” said Councillor Elliott. He agreed that going to a committee of the whole meeting instead of a regular council meeting every month slows down progress and decisions being made by council.

“I would like to give the committee of the whole meeting process six months and then discuss it then,” said Mayor Reid.

“I agree,” said Councillor Jennifer Hooper. “I agree we can revisit it in six months to see how effective meetings are.”

“I’m willing to give it time as well,” said Councillor Rob Maguire. “It is all part of being an effective council.”

Council agreed to continue with the committee of the whole meetings for six months with the current structure and review the matter at that time.