Assiginack Council Notes

Councillors’ comments

After review of the April 26 Manitoulin Planning Board (MPB) meeting, Councillor Leslie Fields said how impressed she was with the steps that must be followed by David and McLay Developments in regards to septic and wastewater systems at their Lake Manitou subdivision near Red Lodge.

Councillor Fields also commented on the increase in police presence she has seen in the community.

“I compliment them on it,” she added.

Librarian’s report

Assiginack Public Library librarian Debbie Robinson submitted her 2015 annual report to council.

“It’s been a very busy place,” said Councillor Fields. “People seem to be really enjoying the new space. There have been lots of positive comments.”

Councillor Brenda Reid added that use of the Overdrive downloadable book program has really been “ramping up.”

Accounts payable

Council passed a resolution to pay the following accounts: general, $74,518.60; and payroll, $17,153.30.

Snowplow truck tender

Assiginack received six bids from three different companies for its request for proposal for a single axle snowplow truck. Cambrian Truck Centre: 1) Western Star 4700SB, Tenco Plow, $194,338; 2) Western Star 4700SB, Viking Plow, $190,553; 3) Western Star 4700PRL-T, Viking Plow, $203,944; Northland Truck Sales: Freightliner 114SD Truck, Tenco Plow, $248,397; and Tru-Nor Truck Centre: 1) International 7500 SFA, Viking Plow, $195,770.25; 2) International 7500 SBA (tandem), Viking Plow, $205,050.12.

Council deferred to Ron Cooper, roads superintendent, who suggested option three of Cambrian Truck Centre’s bids. While they had asked for quotes on single axle trucks, a tandem would allow for more scope as to the use of the truck.

Council chose option three from Cambrian Truck Centre, the Western Star 4700PRL-T, Viking Plow at $203,944.


Council passed Bylaw 16-04 to set tax ratios for municipal purposes for 2016; Bylaw 16-05 to provide for the adoptions of tax rates and to further provide for penalty and interest in default of payment thereof for 2016; and Bylaw 16-06, to amend Bylaws 98-02 and 98-03 to set annual water rates for the Sunsite Estates subdivision and annual water and sewage rates for Manitowaning.

The flat water rate for Sunsite Estates is set at $1,651. The total annual water and sewer rate for a single family home is $1,395.90 or $747.55 for a multiple family home and apartments.