Assiginack first municipality likely to set licence fees for travel trailers


ASSIGINACK – At the November 3 virtual meeting of Assiginack council, council was given a first glance at a proposed trailer licencing bylaw in what may be a first of its kind for Manitoulin.

CAO Alton Hobbs said he wanted council “to kick the tires on this for a bit” before making a decision, adding that he hoped to see the bylaw enacted in time for the 2021 municipal budget.

The proposed bylaw would licence trailers in the municipality, setting an annual fee for those wishing to utilize travel trailers on their properties for over 30 days which, under current bylaws, is not allowed.

The bylaw also notes that “no person shall occupy a trailer from December to April of any given year,” nor can they add additions to the trailer such as sunrooms, porches, roofs or decks. Mobile homes are not permitted in this draft bylaw and only one trailer per lot would be permitted.

The draft bylaw also notes that “every person shall ensure that their trailer is connected to a sewage system that is operated and maintained as per Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code and enforced by Public Health Sudbury and Districts, unless the unit contains an internal holding tank to be emptied at a facility licenced by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.”

The proposed trailer permit fee is $1,200 per year and the trailer licence bylaw also includes a schedule of fines for eight separate penalties under the Provincial Offences Act.

Councillor Dave McDowell said he had some concerns with some of the costs associated with the bylaw, as well as the topic of sewage. “It’s not an easy one,” he said of the proposed bylaw. “There’s lot to do. There’s going to be a lot of phone calls if we don’t hit this one hard.”

Council will review the draft bylaw at an upcoming meeting.